Snow Leopard Official Launch Date on August 28

Mac OSX Snow Leopard Launch Date

Mac OSX Snow Leopard Launch Date

Apple announced today that its newest OS will launch August 28, 2009. The new OS dubbed “Snow Leopard” is an enhancement over the previous version of Mac OS X “Leopard”. Apple has chosen the name as to reflect what would be faster and better version of a Leopard.

Current Leopard users can pre-order the upgrade for $29 and a family pack (5-users) for only $49.

Snow Leopard promises major improvements over the previous version with key features being:



This means that previous memory limitation of 4GB as being the max that applications can use is no longer. With 64-bit computing, the theoretical max is now 16 billion gigabytes. While that is an exaggeration, this just means the memory capacity is ready for the future. All built-in applications are now also in 64-bit. This means everything is faster from startup to shutdown.

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)

Simply put. The new Snow Leopard is now more efficient in the utilization of multi-cores. This feature further enhances the speed and capability of the hardware available today.


Formally called Open Computing Language. This is an open standard C-based programming language that allows programmers to maximize the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU). Most of the routine applications we use are not really graphics intensive.  So while that processing power is there in our graphics cards, generally these are resources that are not used. With OpenCL, Snow Leopard can now use that power in your general applications. Again, another leap towards being the faster OS.

These are just the main technologies that make Snow Leopard so exciting. It is because of these that makes possible the overall improvement across all built-in applications and future software to be better, faster, and easier.

For more details, Check out the Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard Site.

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