McDonald’s Website for Black People

McDonald’s feel that the African-American culture should be celebrated 365 days a year. Hence the idea behind

They apparently also have a site for ASIANS.

Cultural diversity or racism? You decide. Discuss in comments. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Website for Black People

  1. Honestly this is crazy. I’m sorry. It’s one thing to celebrate a culture but separation of colour which is exactly what 365 black is, is complete nonsense. Same goes for their “asian” site. Which isn’t even asian. There are no indian people their. This simply promotes segregation. I think it’s horrible.

    It’s one thing to celebrate a culture. It’s another to promote segregation based on skin tone.

    How about we celebrate diversity based on culture rather than colour? At the end of the day all of the people featured on all three sites are all Americans regardless of what their heritage is. The US is so backwards sometimes.

  2. this is all bull crap we need segregation again and we also need to shut corporate America down and go back to the real American way and most importantly get the anti Christ half breed monkey out of the WHITE house there is way to much government spending way to much money im not saying that I am always right im just saying things run so much smoother back then in the slave days so what is different about then and now to many people having all the same freedoms we also need to shut all the borders down

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