A Grade for Cheaters

FDBritish Columbia Simon Fraser University introduced a new grade that is worse than F—the FD. It means “Failure with Dishonesty”. Its given to students who are caught cheating. As a grade that will show up in transcripts where potential employers will see. It lets students reconsider the implications of cheating.  The new scheme which is yet to be implemented will be given to repeat offenders and will stay on the student’s record for two years after graduation.

I think this is a good idea. It would not take alot for an academic institution to implement and the effects it could have in preventing cheating is amazing. While some may think that it can be indeed harsh, but what about the the other students that have studied hard?

It would also certainly help employers evaluate candidates better and give the school more reputability. I think adapting this would have long term benefits to the University, students, and the employers.

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