Negative Calorie Foods. Fact or Fiction?


It has been a very long debate and different opinions if there are indeed “negative calorie foods“. It simply means food that burns more calories in the effort eating it as well as its thermic effect than the calorie contained in the food itself. Celery and Grapefruit are such examples.

The answer is really yes and no. Technically, all foods contain calories, so the term “Negative Calorie Foods” itself is misleading. So no, there is no foods that has “negative calories” in a manner of speaking but yes it can be however because for 2 reasons: (1) It takes more calories to chew and digest than the calories it contain. (2) The space it fills up and helps gives you a sense of fullness that you makes you eat less of other higher calorie stuff.

So in a nutshell, its just good practice and sense to eat vegetables as they tend to be low in calories. They also have fiber content which can make you more satiated.  So if you’re on a diet and looking to reduce in calorie intake, take in some celery.  Whether or not its negative calories, it is sure to help you keep your calorie intake down.

Lastly, of course all this talk is considering you don’t take sauces or stuff like that. Eating a few stalks for celery dipped in cream cheese defeats the point. Until then, I hope this little knowledge helps you out next time your shopping for vegetables to eat.

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