Apple iPod Updates, What’s New and What’s Hot


It has almost been 2 weeks since Apple’s 9-9-9 event and everyone has almost had their chance to download and try out the newest technologies from Apple’s Music products. The iTunes and iPods.

So What is New?

  • New iTunes 9
  • New iPhone and iPod Touch 3.1 software update
  • New iPod Shuffle colors + Limited Edition Shuffle in silver aluminum casing
  • Bigger iPod Touch capacity at the same price
  • New Video Recording feature for the iPod Nano

So let me discuss in summary what I think about each of these new updates. Keep in mind I am not doing a full review but I would just like to share briefly and straight to the point what you may need to know.

New iTunes 9

If you still haven’t updated, go do it now. iTunes 9 is a major upgrade and it is packed with new features. Wharefinements20090909t you will first notice is the interface. It kept the same old navigation scheme but now has a brighter and cleaner look.

Next up are Genius Mixes. Remember the Genius Playlist function that never quite worked so well? Now it does! Finally after some time of much data gathering, apple seem to have a more refined Genius function now. What Genius does for those that didn’t know is that you can pick a song and Genius will create a playlist from that song of what it thinks will go well together. You can surprise yourself or even rediscover music you forgot you even had.

Now what Genius Mixes does is that it takes it one step further. Instead of just creating a playlist, it can go on forever just like having your own personal DJ. It can also create Genius Mixes albums already for you!

Important Note on this feature is that after installing the new iTunes 9, you have to click “Update Genius” to have this feature kick in.

Genius Mixes is the best feature for me in this update but the other new stuff are:

  • Better Syncing (especially for iPod Touches and iPhone where you can graphically manage your apps layout)
  • iTunes LP (essentially it lets albums have extra content like lyrics, trivia, video clips, etc. The interface to this LP menu can also be custom designed by the artists themselves)
  • Home Sharing (you can now copy music from a family member’s iTunes Library when Home Sharing is turned on. It used to be you can only play.  Now you can copy them too

New iPhone and iPod Touch 3.1 software update

  • Genius for Apps (this is the best feature I think. It does for apps what it does for music. It will recommend what app goes well together)
  • Genius Mixes for Music
  • Improved Syncing

New iPod Shuffle Colors

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words so I rest my case.


Bigger iPod Touch capacity at the same price

ipodtouch-prices For the same price point, they upgraded the 16GB to 32GB and the 32GB to 64GB. Too bad if you just bought a new iPod Touch before this announcement but if you have been thinking about getting one, now is a good time as any. Just make sure to check with your local retailer to make sure he is not trying to unload his old stocks on you.

While local retailers pricing may vary, Apple’ s pricing scheme is pretty much standard worldwide so expect similar pricing.

New Video Recording for the iPod Nano


Everyday, more and more people are creating video content. Browse through YouTube alone and you will find thousands and thousands of videos. Apple has not built into the iPod Nano a video camera of good quality. Here is a sample of an unedited video:

My initial reaction to this is that “yeah its cool but hey, my phone has video too.” If you think about it, the feature alone is not gonna make you buy the Nano but if you consider that you are buying a portable music player that has a bonus video recording function that has good quality and is just as think and just as light.. hmm.. awesome. No other portable music player has that.

Other new features in the Nano worth mentioning are the Live Pause for FM Radio and the Pedometer for the Nike+iPod. Now the iPod Nano can pause radio in real time and let you play back up to 15 minutes and then lets you fast forward to catch up to real time broadcast.

In Summary

There you have my friends is as short of quick run through as possible on the new noteworthy features and updates for the new iPods and iTunes. I did not cover every single detail as it is not my aim to bore you and those information can be googled anyway if you are interested in any particular topic. Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying the other posts in my blog.

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