Harry Potter Theme Park

Well.. officially, its called “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”.


Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, US has revealed plans of developing the Harry Potter inspired theme park aptly named “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. (I still think something shorter would be nice). The project is a joint effort between Warner Bros. and Universal after gaining the rights to create a theme park based on J.K. Rowling’s novels. The park will be part of Universal’s “Island of Adventure” but expect the size and build of this park to be world-class quality.

The park is set to open in 2010 will be bringing all of the Harry Potter universe into real life as much as possible. The park will draw from both film and books across the whole storyline. Some of the announced attractions are:

  • Hogwarts Castle
  • Hogsmeade Station/Hogwarts Express
  • The Owlery
  • The Owl Post
  • Ollivanders
  • Dervish and Banges
  • Zonko’s
  • Honeydukes
  • Three Broomsticks
  • Hog’s Head
  • Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods
  • Dragon Challenge
  • Flight of the Hippogriph
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Here is a great walkthrough video:

Official Website: http://www.universalorlando.com/harrypotter/


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