Lupang Arenda Medical Mission (Oct. 18, 2009)


I have been privileged to serve the people of Lupang Arenda last Sunday alongside wonderful people. I was part of a multi-sectoral team that helped organize this event through the support of Red Cross Rizal Chapter. We went to Lupang Arenda(its near Laguna De Bay in East Taytay, Rizal). There are about 50,000-80,000 people in that area that had been affected by Typhoon Ondoy. We went as one group and we were able to setup 3 medical units and 1 surgical station. We served over 900 patients and we had nearly 200 volunteers. The patients served for the most part were not only diagnosed/treated but comforted to some degree. The people I went with were very caring and I can see the genuine gratitude of the people from Lupang Arenda as we were the first and only group to give them a medical mission as of this writing.

I am grateful and forever glad to know that in times of need, there are men and women who can rise to the occasion.  See below for the video of our medical mission. (warning: video may take some time to load as I crammed over 100 pictures into one video)

While I will be sure to miss out some (and my sincerest apologies), here are some of the companies and individuals I remember that has been supportive of the mission. (In no particular order and I do not mention individuals anymore when associated with a company).

  • Red Cross Rizal Chapter
  • Red Cross Makati Branch
  • MediCall
  • Philippine Medical Association
  • Makati Med
  • Intelinet Global
  • Dasmarinas Village Association and Barangay Dasmarinas
  • Star Paper Corporation
  • i4 Asia Incorporated
  • Assessment Analytics
  • PLDT
  • Smart
  • Globe
  • Sykes
  • Eximius BPO
  • Lyon Couriers
  • Northstar Logistics
  • MapCentral
  • Luis Galvez and Udit Galvez
  • Jo-an Uy
  • Jackie Orbon
  • Mir Mapagu
  • Benjo Ramos
  • Christine Zarandin
  • Atty. Fortun
  • Josh
  • Alex
  • Angela
  • Nadz
  • Allan
  • Kris Corpuz
  • Van Capalungan
  • Tin, Honey, and Kate
  • Arman Taylo and Steffen Uy
  • …and to the people of Lupang Arenda who has been so nice to us

Thank you everyone for making this a success and my warmest regard to you all.

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