Cafe World Tips and Strategies (Part 1)


Ok, normally I am not the guy that play Facebook games but I wanted to give this game a try to see what the buzz was all about. I noticed my wife playing this religiously every evening and an officemate seemed addicted to it a few weeks back. Must be something here.

I will not go much into what this game is about as I expect most readers of my blog to be already familiar with it. For those that isn’t, Cafe World is essentially a SIMS-like kind of game where you are the chef and you have your own cafe to run. You cook, server, people food, earn money, expand your business, and learn more dishes. The game is still in BETA and is published by Zynga which has been reputable in producing good social games.


What some of you may not know yet is how to play this game effectively. As it is a real-time based game, you have to be careful not to be too addicted that you live your life in it. Here are some tips I would like to share from my own research on how you can play this game with maximum efficiency of your time and getting ahead quickly by working the game mechanics to your advantage.

What dish should I make?


Whenever you prepare a dish and succesffully cook it, you gain exp. You also gain exp when you clean the stove afterwards. Different dishes gives you different exp so the trick is to find the dish that gives the most exp for the least amount of time. The most efficient dish in my experience is the “Bacon Chesseburger”. What makes this dish efficient (time to prepare) is also what makes it a problem. Since the time to prepare is only 5 minutes, it means you have to always attend to it when its done. That can be tedious and time consuming. So the long and short of it is if you plan to sit in front of Cafe World for awhile, make alot of burgers, if not, then plan your dish to your playtime. There are so many dishes to choose from, and each with their own time to prepare, just choose a dish that takes the time you know when you can next be on. Say if you plan to play again 12 hours later,  choose a 12 hour dish. If you can’t be on for a day, choose a 1 day dish. You get the idea.

Here is a table for the dishes and their profit ratios courtesy of tomuse

Menu Item Level Time Cost Sells For Serves Profit P/S
Bacon Cheeseburger 1 5 15 52 13 22 1.69
Super Chunk Fruit Salad 1 15 35 100 100 50 0.5
French Onion Soup 1 240 175 615 205 425 2.07
Triple Berry Cheesecake 1 720 400 1650 550 1235 2.25
Spitfire Roasted Chicken 1 1440 600 3200 800 2585 3.23
Home-style Pot Roast 3 2880 1800 5750 1150 3935 3.42
Tikka Masala Kabobs 5 60 215 360 90 130 1.44
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 7 30 65 148 65 68 1.05
Spagetti and Meatballs 11 480 450 1375 275 910 3.31
Tony’s Classic Pizza 15 300 400 1300 260 885 3.40
Voodoo Chicken Salad 19 720 700 2675 535 1960 3.66
Chicken Gyro and Fries 23 10 45 88 22 28 1.27
King Crab Bisque 27 1440 1300 6685 955 5370 5.62
Kung Pao Stir Fry 31 240 600 1600 320 985 3.08
Overstuffed Peppers 35 720 1300 4300 860 2985 3.47
Fiery Fish Tacos 39 120 725 1230 205 490 2.39
Powdered French Toast 43 20 140 222 37 67 1.81
Impossible Quiche 47 ? 5000 ? ? ? ?
Chips & Guacamole ? 3 10 36 12 11 0.92
Caramel Apples ? 120 90 300 75 195 2.60
Pumpkin Pie ? 720 200 1060 265 845 3.19

Profit = total profit minus all expenses: Sells For – Cost – cleaning costs (15 coins)
P/S = profits per serving
Time = total cooking time in minutes
? = unknown;

Beware of Spoiled Food

Not only do you lose the cost of the ingredients, you also lose all the time spent in preparing the dish. You can also use this guide to determine which food you can best prepare so it will be ready and unspoiled when you get back to the game. Note that only food left on the stove will spoil. Any food you have placed on the counters will be fine.

Cafe World Spoiled Time

Dish Name Cook Time Spoiling Time After Cooking Total Time
Beacon Cheeseburger 00:05:00 00:06:00 00:11:00
Super Chunk Fruit Salad 00:15:00 00:18:00 00:33:00
French Onion Soup 04:00:00 04:48:00 08:48:00
Triple Berry Cheesecake 12:00:00 14:24:00 26:24:00
Spitfire Roasted Chicken 24:00:00 28:48:00 52:48:00
HomeStyle Pot Roast 48:00:00 57:36:00 105:36:00
Tikka Masala Kabobs 01:00:00 01:12:00 02:12:00
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 00:30:00 00:36:00 01:06:00
Spagetti and Meatballs 08:00:00 09:36:00 17:36:00
Tony’s Classic Pizza 05:00:00 06:00:00 11:00:00
Voodoo Chicken Salad 12:00:00 14:24:00 26:24:00
Chicken Gyro and Fries 00:10:00 00:12:00 00:22:00
King Crab Bisque 24:00:00 28:48:00 52:48:00
Kung Pao Stir Fry 04:00:00 04:48:00 08:48:00
Overstuffed Peppers 12:00:00 14:24:00 26:24:00
Fiery Fish Tacos 02:00:00 02:24:00 04:24:00
Powdered French Toast 00:20:00 00:24:00 00:44:00
Impossible Quiche 48:00:00 57:36:00 105:36:00
Chips and Guacamole 00:03:00 00:03:36 00:06:36
Caramel Apples 02:00:00 02:24:00 04:24:00
Pumpkin Pie 12:00:00 12:00:00 14:24:00
Vampire Staked Steak (discontinued) 24:00:00 28:48:00 52:48:00

(table courtesy of lightchan)

Cafe Layout

The layout is very important. You will want to have an efficient layout that will let you serve your customers quickly and clean up fast. There is a trick to this and here’s the good news: YOUR WAITERS DO NOT NEED TO WALK TO THE CUSTOMERS TABLE TO SERVE FOOD AND TO CLEAN UP. They will walk over if you let them but if you trap them behind stoves and counters, food will just magically appear on the customer’s table and will magically cleanup after they leave. The waiters however do need to be placed with access to the counters. See this image for the best example.


Buzz Rating and Closing the Cafe

On the upper right corner, you will see a buzz rating. This is important as its a measure of how popular your restaurant is. The max is 105 as of now and you need to keep this up. More customers means more money. You increase your buzz whenever a customer has been satisfactorily served. It lowers when customers don’t get served and leaves because they cannot wait anymore. Make sure you have enough tables, chairs, and food to serve them. When you run out of food, CLOSE THE CAFE. When you are cannot play anymore and is loggin out, CLOSE THE CAFE. By closing the cafe, you can protect your buzz rating as you will not have dissatisfied customers while you are away. To close the cafe, simply remove the doors. Put them back when you want to re-open for business. When closed, make sure the stoves are cooking something in preparation.


Check out the Part 2 post for more Cafe World Tips and Strategies.

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17 thoughts on “Cafe World Tips and Strategies (Part 1)


    I am at level 50 and none of my stoves are working – I am not able to cook at all.. The last thing I did was re-arranging my Cafe, and after putting back all my stoves from the gear icon, it wouldn’t let me cook and the system wouldn’t SAVE.. Every time I refresh, all 16 stoves are gone…

    I tried asking ZYNGA for support but they have a very very very slow response time and their advices are not working.. The last advice they instructed me to do was to click on the GREEN CHECK after making some changes. Hello??? I am on level 50 and I better now by now how the green check works!!

    Please help! It has been three days and nothing seems to work.. Please help me…


    • Since you have reached lvl 50, its the endgame already. I haven’t reached 50 myself yet so I am not sure but I think you should still be able to cook. Just no new dishes.

    • Close Cafe World and clear out your temp folder, cookies, and cache and go back into it, every so often the game glitches when writing to the computer, if this happens a variety of oddball things can happen.

  2. Hey bro I’m trying to beat my friends in placement but I dont know all the exp points yet. Do you think you can post the exp points for each dish especially the herbed halibut. At least the halibut please!

  3. Hi Alex, I will make sure to include that table in my Part 2 post. I got held up in doing that as I am away on a medical trip with my mother. The exp for preparing the herbed halibut dish is 21 preparation + 203 serving it + 1 cleaning = 225 total

  4. You don’t have to close the cafe if you’re not going to have CW actively open. When you’re not actually watching your cafe, your buzz rating won’t be affected by running out of food. The only time it’s affected is when you actually have the game open. I often come back to the game to find all of my food long gone, but my buzz rating intact at 100+.

  5. how do you have so many stoves???? Im a Level 40 and i only have 13 stove. Is there a cheat or something to unlock more stoves???

  6. Sorry Justin, not sure if there was a cheat or not. I think there used to be but not sure if its patched now or not yet. I didn’t bother to cheat as the game is easy anyway.

  7. What I would like to know is on the image above under Cafe’ Laypout how in the devil did that person get 22 stoves ours does not go beyond 16? Right now I am on level 57 and all I get as extra’s for level ups are $5000 coins.

  8. why cant i take my food off this is annoying when you cant play all my neighbors at the bottom is zynga i am going crazy i dont know what cafe did but i hope they can tell me how to fix the problem i am a true player of cace world

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