Modern Warfare 2 Play Experience

I finally gave in and bought Modern Warfare 2 despite the shortcomings of the game in its PC version. It is still the best first person multiplayer shooter after all.

So what can I say after 72 hours of game time? I’m pretty satisfied I must say.

Finding Games
As a casual gamer without any clans, IWNet has made it easy for me to find games. I can usually find a game in 2-5 mins. Some game types are easier to find players than others due to popularity of the particular game type (like Team Deathmatch).

If you want to play with friends, you can easily invite them to games you are in or create private matches.

Lag, Ping, and Latency
While some matches are really laggy, most games are honestly OK. It also depends on where you are and where the people you are playing with are. If you play in the timezone where most people in your area play, it should be better. I play Modern Warfare 2 in the Philippines.

The lack of console support and peek ability sucks. The game is really more of a console port rather than a PC intended design. But if you are the type that likes to play their shooters with a mouse and keyboard rather than a joypad, its a pretty good game.

The weapons are all amazing and mostly balanced. The perks and class customizations make it more interesting and personal.

There are hackers in the game but they are not as bad as most make it. I am not a good player myself but I think people tend to call hacker when some player is just very skilled or lucky. In my 72 hours of play, I encountered only 2-3 hackers. If you do encounter one by chance, just leave the game and join another one. Its faster than crying on the Internet.

Single Player

Utterly amazing. No one disputes this. Its quite short but the game successfully lets you play the game. Where parts that it could have made it easier as a cut scene, it lets you as the player do the action. It makes you feel that you are a part of the world. The storyline picks up where Modern Warfare left off. So play the single player campaign of the 1st Modern Warfare before playing this.

Overall Verdict
Its an awesome game for the casual gamer. I feel for the pro gamers and the lack of support for big clans. So, if you are like me and just want a few easy rounds of fun after a day’s work, go grab your copy now.

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