Cafe World Tips and Strategies (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of my tips and strategies guide to Cafe World. If you missed out reading the first one, you can find it here.

I’ve actually gotten tired of the game after some time as it gets repetitive but its good fun while it lasted. But that’s just me. Try it out, I’ve friends that have found this game utterly captivating even after a while. Without more delay, here are the tips:


You have limited counters depending on your level. Thus, you are limited to the kind of dishes you can serve. However, there is no limit to the quantity you can stack up on one counter of the same dish. So say that you have 4 counters. It is best that you keep cooking the same 4 kinds of dishes. Plan ahead if you want to change a dish being served so you can swap a new dish with an old dish that’s about to run out. You don’t want to delete either dishes on the counter or on the stove as its wasted coins and time. A common mistake is getting excited about the choices of dishes you can make and then ending up with no space on the counters to place ready dishes.


You need neighbors to expand your cafe. Also, you can visit each neighbor everyday and get free coins and exp by tasting their dishes. Its irrelevant what dish and you just have to click accept for that free exp and coin. You can do this once per day. Also, remember to always send and receive free gifts. Its just free stuff for everyone. You will likely be getting gifts in return if you start giving too.


As you level up and can serve more dishes, your cafe’s popularity should have grown too if you have been following my tips. It is now time to expand as customers that has to wait too long will leave your cafe and bring down your buzz rating.  You cannot ‘jump’ ahead in expanding and you can only upgrade to the next level of cafe.

Expanding will require neighbors and coins. You can also use cafe world cash but that’s real money and I don’t recommend it. Its easy enough to do with coins anyway. Here is a list of the requirements and sizes of cafe expansions.

Cafe Type Area Cost Cafe Cash Neighbors required
Quaint Cafe 8 x 9 500 2 1
Corner Cafe 9 x 11 5000 25 2
Family Cafe 10 x 12 50000 30 4
Plentiful Cafe 12 x 13 125000 35 8
Bountiful Cafe 13 x 15 400000 35 9


You always want to keep your stoves and counters busy. So plan ahead is the key to this game in almost every aspect. Make sure your stoves are always cooking and your counters filled with food. You can also make clicking easier as the commands can be queued. For example, you can buy all the dishes you want to cook first and then just click on each counter. You don’t have to wait for the progress bar to finish on one counter before clicking the next.


At the start, be frugal. Do not splurge on decorations until you really have extra coins. Save up your coins for ingredients, basic equipment and expanding your cafe. All tables, chairs, doors, stoves, counters work the same. The most expensive stove and the cheapest one work the same. You are just paying for looks. Avoid this if you want to progress up quickly.

DID YOU KNOW: You can save on cleaning up stoves by putting dirty stoves back into your inventory and then putting them back out? They will come out as clean. You don’t get the exp for cleaning up the stove though so its up to you if you want more exp or saving up on the coins.


Each dish has its corresponding cafe points that you can make from preparing and serving it. Here is an list sorted according to total Cafe Points.

Dish Cook Time CP Making CP Cooking CP Cleaning Total CP
Chips and Guacamole 3 mins 3 0 1 4
Bacon Cheeseburger 5 mins 3 3 1 7
Super Chunk Fruit Salad 15 mins 3 10 1 14
Chicken Gyro and Fries 10 mins 3 10 1 14
Jammin Jelly Donuts 20 mins 6 8 1 15
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 30 mins 3 17 1 21
Powedered French Toast 20 mins 3 17 1 21
Creme Fraiche Caviar 30 mins 6 15 1 22
Tikka Masala Kebobs 1 hr 6 15 1 22
Buttermilk Pancakes 45 mins 9 21 1 31
Caramel Apples 2 hrs 12 22 1 35
Macaroni and Cheese 2hrs 15 25 1 41
Fiery Fish Tacos 2 hrs 15 33 1 49
French Onion Soup 4 hrs 12 48 1 61
Smoked Salmon Latkes 2 hrs 27 35 1 63
Lemon Butter Lobster 2 hrs 27 40 1 68
Atomic Buffalo Wings 3 hrs 21 46 1 68
Tony’s Classic Pizza 5 hrs 21 46 1 68
Kung Pao Stir Fry 4 hrs 21 53 1 75
Pumpkin Pie 12 hrs 15 60 1 76
Spaghetti and Meatballs 8 hrs 24 75 1 100
Sweet Seasonal Ham 12 hrs 21 80 1 102
Tostada de Carne Asada 8 hrs 42 80 1 123
Triple Berry Cheesecake 12 hrs 15 124 1 140
Shu Mai Dumplings 6 hrs 60 95 1 156
Crackling Pecking Duck 18 hrs 15 150 1 166
Voodoo Chicken Salad 12 hrs 36 131 1 168
Lavish Lamb Curry 8 hrs 54 145 1 200
Overstuffed Peppers 12 hrs 45 160 1 206
Spitfire Roasted Chicken 1 day 15 194 1 210
Savory Stuffed Turkey 22 hrs 15 200 1 216
Herbed Halibut 1 day 21 203 1 225
King Crab Bisque 1 day 54 197 1 252
Delicious Chocolate Cake 14 hrs 72 200 1 273
Homestyle Pot Roast 2 days 60 218 1 279
Chicken Pot Pie 2 days 66 240 1 307
Impossible Quiche 2 days 75 275 1 351
Grand Tandoori 1 day 63 340 1 404
Gingerbread House 5 days 12 1050 1 1063


When you cook one dish often enough, you can get awarded with extra servings of the dish as a Chef’s Special. So it pays off to be consistent too. Since the priority should always still be planning what you cook around your playtime, it helps if you have a ‘set’ of dishes you cook according to the cooking time.

Leave a comment, submit your ideas!

This is it for now. I hope you have enjoyed Cafe World and my guide has helped you play it much better. Feel free to give comments, say thanks, or add your own tips. I’d love to hear from you and I am sure others would benefit from our input too.

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2 thoughts on “Cafe World Tips and Strategies (Part 2)



  2. In the first part? It was a bug that used to exist when the game first came out. It was also not my cafe. The principle still applies but the bug that gave you 20 stoves has been fixed now I believe. Sorry for the confusion.

    Thanks for reading!

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