The Sincerity In Selling

Image Credits to Morris

Most salesmen today forget what it is like to be sincere. I am talking about genuine care for the need of the customer. Not that fake enthusiasm or that nice smile, pleasant comments just to get your business.

I believe that sincerity is one of the most important factors when doing any business transaction. The sincere salesman will take the time to understand your need, identify your problem, and present you with options best suited to your interest. Sometimes, the solution does not involve the product the salesman is selling at all. When this happens, don’t you just so appreciate the sincerity and honesty that you will likely purchase from that same person next time you need something he is selling?

Call me old school but I prefer this way of doing business. While this may not land you the most sales in the short-term, it will most likely build customer loyalty in the long-term.

Just to share a recent experience, the fitness club I go to is heavy on selling their “personal training sessions”. The personal trainers in the gym often fake sincerity by coming up to you to helping you with your workout.  After a while, they will try to “sell” you on getting their services for personal training. Once they realize you will not sign up. they’ll drop you like a hot potato and would much rather spend time by the water cooler than provide the assistance they were so eager to just minutes ago.

Regardless of the product you are selling, be sincere. Think of it as helping another human being if customer loyalty is not yet enough motivation. The world needs more sincere salesmen.

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