Century Superbods 2010 Run -5K Challenge

Haha! I was just able to successfully meet my personal goal of running the 5K at the Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010. I was so out of shape last year that I could only perform the 3K but I was able to work my way up now to 5K. While I am not satisfied with my finishing time of 40 mins (average between 30-45 mins for beginners). I plan to make up better time in future 5K runs. This was my first 5K and my second running event experience. My next goals would be to hit the 5K with a better time and then move on to the 10K.

Last Sunday’s run was indeed a successful event by Century Tuna. It was held in cooperation with alot of sponsors and more notably, it is the 1st leg of the RunRio trilogy. 11,000 people participated in the run making this the largest run of 2010 so far. The youngest runner I heard was 2 years old (poor child) and the oldest was 75 years old. It was great but there had been some room for improvements as the gun started 10 mins early causing mixup of people. The roads were also not closed off well enough that we caused some traffic.

It was also nice to see friends during the event and many thanks to my brother for being supportive. I guess this is my first blog entry that tells you that I am sort of into running. I will be posting useful running articles here in the future as I learn more about the sport. Please check back weekly for updates!

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