Street Fighter 4 on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Review

Update: Street Fighter 4 just got an update this June 2010. The update added Cammy and Zangief.

Street Fighter 4 for the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad just came out last March 10, 2010. In just a few days, it has already hit the top 10 best selling apps. While it has yet to beat Plants VS Zombies, it does indeed make a reputation for itself. The game itself is not for everyone but anybody who likes fighting games or has been reminiscing their arcade days should try this out.


The iPhone version of the game is a simplified version from the PS3 one. It just has 8 characters and 7 stages. The characters are:

  1. Ryu
  2. Ken
  3. Guile
  4. Blanka
  5. Dhalsim
  6. Chun-li
  7. M. Bison
  8. Abel

Sadly, I am missing my bosses from Street Fighter 2 like Balrog, Vega, and Sagat. The game simply jumps to M. Bison for the final boss.

The game features 4 levels of difficulty and several game modes like tournament, versus play over bluetooth, free sparring, and training. It comes with all the moves, special attacks and combos.


The graphics of the game is amazing. It is one of the most beautiful designs I have seen on the iPhone. Here are some samples:


The music and sounds are also wonderful. While the iPhone/iPoud Touch speakers can be a bit weak, it sounds better if you play it through earphones or when hooked up to external speakers.

Gameplay and Performance

This was where I was really hesitant. How can a game made for arcade controls work on a touch screen properly? How could a button smasher game work on a device with no buttons? It turns out that it works just fine. The design had simplified the controls to the simulated joystick and 4 on-screen buttons. There is one button for punch, another for kick, one for special attacks, and one for focus attacks. You can also customize the controls on where you want them placed on the screen as well as their opacity.

It was simplified but it works. The response is very fast and the movement is very fluid. I was able to play it on a 2nd gen iPod touch and it works just fine. The only dismay is the drain on the battery. I guess something has to give with all the performance, graphics, and sound.

Here is a short video from slide toPlay to demostrate:


This is also where I had some gripe. At $10 on the appstore, it is a bit pricey. It is the most expensive game I have bought on the appstore to date but I did not regret it. I had fun playing it and I guess its worth it just for the nostalgia for me. The game performing well and giving hours of fun is just extra gravy. It is really a rare find on the appstore for a game that you can have fun that is action oriented and not some puzzle, trivia, or tower defense kind of game. I just wish there was more content for my $10.


It is a must-buy recommendation for anyone who likes fighting games and has enjoyed Street Fighter 2. This has none of the craziness that comes later with ridiculous million hadokens and almost flying characters. Beware of the 200mb download as it comes with a few movie previews of something called “Super Street Fighter 4″. Maybe a sequel…?

Anyway, I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to share your own thoughts and comments.

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