Video Magazine and Digital Publishing on the iPad

With Apple’s latest upcoming product, the iPad, there is now a whole new world of possibilities in the publishing business. The iPad will have an online bookstore much like the appstore built-in. You will be able to purchase novels, subscribe to your favorite newspaper and magazines.

The promise of this new medium is that with a larger high quality display, it is the best browsing and reading experience ever. It also opens up new possibilities to traditional print where options were never possible before. You can now incorporate video right into the content. For example, instead of reading the great sports play made by your football team, why not see that clip right there? Instead of reading the captions of a speech, why not see the video of the speech itself?

I for one is definitely excited on the possibilities this can bring. Leading the pack already is VIV Publishing. They are a publishing company that is all digital. Here is a preview of their work and how they plan to change the game in publishing.

VIV Mag Interactive Feature Spread on the iPad

VIV Mag Digital Motion Cover for the iPad

New York Times Demo on the iPad

With the iPad priced at $499 on the entry level model, it becomes quite possible to get this device on the hands of many people. Exciting times ahead boys and girls!