Nature Valley 2010 Run

This upload is a bit late but heck, I just want it Internet documented for myself that I was able to accomplish another run last May 29, 2010 with Nature Valley’s Run. This is part 2 of the Run Rio Trilogy and I am looking forward to completing all 3 races this year.

The event was again well organized. The 5K route was also interesting as it took me to parts of Fort Bonifacio I haven’t previously ran in before. There were again lots of runners with over 6,000+ I believe. I do think however, there should be more stricter rules next time. I saw a woman running with her baby in a trolley. While she probably wants to stand out, it can cause accidents to the baby or other runners.

To race organizers if any does get to read this: The water stations at the end are also put so far back and away from the finish line. While Coach Rio had said that it is to prevent congesting at the finish line, there can be some improvements. The water stations can be put farther back so it doesn’t pile up people at the finish line but they should have separated it from the goodie bag claim. Walking a few more steps to get my water is fine. Waiting in line for 15-20 minutes after running to get water is not so pleasant.

Overall, good event. Now just to choose which should be my next run. I hope to build up enough stamina for a 10K run by end of year or early next year. Need to lose some more weight!!