Microsoft Kinect Official Launch in Nov. 4, 2010 for just $149.99

Formerly called Project Natal, it is now called Kinect. This Microsoft innovation is finally ready to hit the shelves this coming November 4, 2010. It is hopeful that it will get here to the Philippines in time for Christmas. Kinect is an add-on device to any XBOX 360 to turn it into a motion gaming device. What makes Kinect different from Nintento Wii is that Wii still needs a controller while Kinect does not. Kinect turns your whole body and voice into the controller. It uses 3-D Camera, Motion Sensors, Voice Recognition Software to track your body movements and voice commands into game commands. While Kinect is primarily developed as a gaming technology, it is much more than that offering possibilities into social interactions, communication, and content management.

The Kinect will come bundled with Kinect Adventures which is a river raft ride through and obstacle course.

Kinect will sell for $149.99. Microsoft also announced that a four-gigabyte Xbox 360 console will include the Kinect Sensor and “Kinect Adventures” and sell for $299. Additional games can be bought at $49. Again, Kinect will work with all of the existing XBOX 360 already sold worldwide.

Enough talk, here is the official trailer for you to easier appreciate Microsoft Kinect.

Here are the initial games for Kinect.

I must say that given Kinect’s potential, I am honestly disappointed. They could have been so much more but instead, they seem like Wii games on steroids. While I understand the Microsoft is trying to get into the casual family gaming market, the lack of blockbuster titles like Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, and others will make gamers like me sad. I hope they come up with more.

So hey, time to save up for Christmas. If you got kids, you can always say “Honey, its for the kids”.


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