2010 iPod Lineups

Apple as announced their biggest update yet to the new iPod lineup of products. This year, there are major updates to the 3 iPods, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and the iPod Touch. Let’s get right down to business shall we and see what they are all about.

The new 2010 iPod Shuffle

Key Points:

  • Combined use of buttons and voice makes this the easiest iPod to use for quick music control. Buttons to control your music and a voice to tell you what song or playlist is playing.
  • Smallest form factor with built-in clip makes it the best iPod for mobility. Clip it anywhere and you are good to go.
  • Cheap. $49 for 2GB makes this very economical. You do not need to worry about carrying expensive hardware when you are out running, at the gym, or when travelling.

The compact form factor makes it very easy to carry and bring anywhere. It comes in colorful options as well so there is sure to be a color that fits your personality. The low price tag also means its not a difficult decision to buy and its a great gift to give this coming holiday.

The new iPod Nano

Key Points:

  • Multi-Touch. The new Nano features multi-touch screen with roughly the space to put 4 app icons.
  • Genius playlist is included in the software for great playlist creation.
  • Photos. It has support for photos but I don’t think the small screen size is optimal for it. The iPod Touch seems more suited.
  • FM Radio. The iPod Nano also features ‘Live Pause’. This lets you pause radio in real time and lets you resume playback up to 15 minutes back.
  • Fitness. It has a built-in Pedometer that can track your every step. The pedometer can be used as a stand-alone feature or can be improved with the use of a Nike Sport Kit and by syncing your data with a free account on Nike+ website.
  • It can double as a watch. Just not a very good one. No water resistance and no shock resistance makes this a poor watch but man, how awesome would you look.

Now its just a matter of time before apple puts in a camera and FaceTime for you to become the next Dick Tracy.

The new iPod Touch

Key Points:

  • FaceTime is apple’s video calling over Wi-Fi. The new iPod Touch comes with a front facing camera that lets you use FaceTime to do video calls with other new iPod Touch users and iPhone4 users.
  • Retina display. This is the highest resolution screen on an iPod ever. This new technology was first used in the iPhone 4. It allows for more awesome graphics and sharper text.
  • HD video recording. The back camera features 720p HD recording.
  • Game Center. Its a social networking app that lets you see what your friends are playing and vice-versa. It lets you create your own circle of gaming friends or it can help you find strangers to play a game with when your friends are not around. Gaming will no longer be a lonely affair.
  • A4 chip. It uses the latest processor which is also the same one used to power the iPhone 4. This allows apps to run smoother and faster and makes room for new apps that could not work on the old processors.
  • Lighter, slimmer and longer battery life. It is now rated for 40 hours of audio or 7 hours of video on a full charge cycle.

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