Adidas King of the Road 2010 Run

I was able to participate in Adidas’ King of the Road 2010 Run. I really really wanted to run the 10k but sadly, I was not able to be fit enough to do a 10K with decent time. So I still stayed in the 5K category and will probably remain so until I get rid of this 20-25 lbs of extra weight. (Note to future self: Start focusing on losing weight man! Congrats if you did.)

Anyhow, the run itself was great. Lots of people, great morning rush. The event started late though, initial gun start planned at 5:45 was delayed to 6:15. They had us standing and waiting for a good 30 mins. The finish line was pretty congested as well as with handling out of water bottles. Freebies, raffles, and prizes were not exciting too as they just gave out 2 pcs of bread and hotdog. All the sponsors had long queues for lame freebies like sachets of lotion, a cup of coffee, etc.

Overall, the best thing I got was the singlet (which you actually paid for anyway in the registration fee).

Until next time and other entries. Thanks for reading.


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