Dalmatia and Adriatic Riviera Tour, Part 1 of 4

Lake Bled, Slovenia

I recently came back from a 12-day tour in Europe. We went to Germany-Austria-Slovenia-Croatia-Italy. These places collectively are considered part of Dalmatia and Adriatic Riviera hence the tour name. Most of the trip were in cities of Slovenia and Croatia. These are beautiful places rich with culture, art, and natural beauty. It would be very good to travel with family here but even if you are alone or with friends, the places are very much enjoyable.

I was fortunate enough to be able to travel here c/o my aunt who generously offered me the job of being the tour leader for the trip. My trip was sponsored by her company and many thanks goes out to Enchanted Tours and Travel. There were 23 group members I had to take care of and make sure they have a memorable and enjoyable vacation. They were all very nice people and did not make things much difficult for me. I look forward to the next trip with these new friends again.

Day 1: Munich, Germany

We went to the compound of BMW Headquarters in Munich and went inside the adjacent BMW Museum. It was beautiful work of engineering. The building is very spacious and boasts of impressive renewable energy capabilities.

What is equally interesting is that wealthy individuals can make custom orders to BMW for vehicles with specifics on say interiors seat colors, wheel sizes, tint, etc. When they buy from the headquarters like this, they are flown in to Munich to view their vehicle as it is raised into the platform to approve of it and drive it out. They are then treated to a few days of road trip vacation c/o BMW. When they are done with their 4-5 day road trip vacation, they are flown back to their home country and their vehicle is exported to them by BMW as a 2nd hand vehicle since its been used already. This way, the duties and taxes are much lower than a brand new vehicle.

Day 2: Salzburg, Austria

Here, we went to Getreigedasse, a very famous street where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. We visited his house and got to visit the culture of the town where he grew up. It was very rich in art and culture and up to this day, street artists like the one in the photo just nonchalantly draws right in the middle of the street. It was pure art. He doesn’t mind that his work will be stepped on and will be faded away in a few hours. You get to feel their lifestyle.

We also got to see Mirabell Palace. This is a shooting venue for the famous movie ‘Sound of Music’ by Julie Andrews.

Day 3: Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is not a very popular tourist destination for people in the Philippines. We hear Slovenia, Croatia and most people would not even be sure where those countries are.  Slovenia is not often traveled but it is beautiful. The first city we saw in Slovenia was Bled. The have this main attraction which is Lake Bled(featured article photo). Its a nice island with a church at the center of it. You need to take a pletna (boat in bled) to get to the island.

There is an urban legend that when you pull the rope for the church bells once but it rings 3 times, your wish will come true. What is interesting to note that Bled’s economy is tourism. So during Nov-December where it is very cold and there is no tourists, its actually cheaper for locals in Bled to buy plane tickets and pay hotel in Thailand rather than stay in Bled and pay for more expensive heating. So they work for 3 quarters of the year and spend 1 quarter vacationing. Its not the most productive but it makes more economical sense for most.

That wraps up Part 1. Thank you for reading. To enjoy more photos from my trip, please check out my flickr album.

Continue to Part 2.

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