Dalmatia and Adriatic Riviera Tour, Part 2 of 4

This is Part 2 of my documentary about my recent trip to Europe. Here are the other parts:

Part 1: Munich, Salzburg, Bled
Part 3: Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb

Day 4: Lipica and Postojna Caves

Lipica is a village in Slovenia that is famous for its white horses. It has a stud farm that is the origin of the Lipizzaner breed of horses. The horses bred here considered one of the best in the world for horse riding and for shows. They are friendly and easy to train. They are however not fit for racing. It is a unique trait that all pure breed horses here will turn white by the age of 2 regardless of the original color they are born into.

The Postojna Caves can be done in the same day as with the Lipica Stud Farm. The Postojna Caves is the longest cave system in Slovenia. The cave features many unique and beautiful rock formations. The tour of the caves start with a 15 minute train ride that takes you deep inside the caves. From there, there are guided groups sorted by language preferences. It takes about 30 minute walk for the tour and exit via the train again.

The cave itself has a constant temperature of about 10-degrees Celsius so be sure to bring a jacket. This is one of the most famous tourist places in Slovenia and rightly so.

Day 5: Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and its largest city. Main attractions here are the town square and the Triple Bridge. It features a unique architecture of 3 adjacent pedestrian bridges creating a pathway. It also has a Dragon Bridge that was built in 1900-1901 by a Dalmatian architect who studied in Vienna. It is considered as one of the finest works in Vienna Succession style.

This was also a place where alot of fighting took place in the 10-day war that happened when Slovenia liberated itself from Yugoslavia to become an independent country back in 1991.

Day 6: Plitvice Lakes National Park

This is our first place of visit in Croatia. Plitvice Lakes is a very very far place to get to. I believe it took us roughly 6 hours drive to get there. We spent a night first in the resort/hotel and day had a half-day tour on the next day. It contains a series of lakes and waterfalls and is protected by UNESCO as a world heritage. The place is rich in fauna and nature and is a great place for photographers and nature lovers.

It has been properly maintained and the walkways are very friendly for tourists. Prepare for a lot of walking but they are quite easy steps to make. There are also certain areas that can be accessed via ferry boats as well. Its far but it’s probably worth the trip if you are in Croatia.

To enjoy more photos from my trip, please check out my flickr album.

Check out Part 3 where I present more beautiful cities in Croatia.

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