Does Everything Have To Be in 3D?

It feels like since Avatar has made a huge success with 3D, every movie that comes out nowadays seem to think that just having 3D adds value to it. While there are merits to movies that are made for 3D, there are just as often 2D movies that were just ported for a 3D version. This is very much different from planning the movie from the ground up for a 3D experience.

I am kinda disappointed that marketing always needs to hype the 3D instead of just focusing on making a good movie with good storytelling and great acting. To add to the irritation, theaters not only charge double for 3D, they also take up theater allocations that could otherwise make for additional showings. Now your choice is either to watch in 3D, or scramble with other patrons for those few seats in the non-3D theater options.

Am I really just the one feeling that there should be less movies done in 3D?


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