Dalmatia and Adriatic Riviera Tour, Part 4 of 4

This is the last part of my documentary of my 2011 trip to Europe. We will visit 1 more city in Croatia and finally end with 2 days in Venice.

Part 1: Munich, Salzburg, Bled
Part 2: Lipica, Postojna, Ljubljana, and Plitvice National Park
Part 3: Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb

Day 10: Rijeka

Rijeka is our last stop in Croatia. Rijeka has a very fresh open market and there has been concerns that this will go away once Croatia becomes part of the European Union (EU). I believe there are some regulations and standards that need to be followed and one of which is that markets should be in closed spaces. Its a very small city but people in Rijeka are very friendly. It was a rainy day in Rijeka when we were there and people were looking at us because we are the group of wierd Asians with colorful umbrellas that stood out in the plaza.

Day 11 & 12: Venice

Venice is really one of the most beautiful city in Italy. While it is supposedly filled with romance, I really do not get that vibe as its literally crowded with too many tourists.

The photo on the right shows the Basilica San Marco which is the city’s only cathedral and is one of the most famous tourist place in Venice. Its a good place to visit but everything in Venice is expensive. The cheapest meal you can get with sidewalk pizza is roughly 10 euros (Php 630) and an average meal inside a restaurant is 40 euros (Php 2,400). When choosing restaurants, you can ask if there is a ‘cover charge’. Some restaurants charge that because there is a view.

Shopping in Venice can be fun if you are into signature brands. I am not a brand person myself but Louis Vitton, Channel, Gucci and all the Italian brands are well represented here. They are slightly more expensive than in Paris but they are about 30% cheaper in Venice than what you can find in Manila.

Gondola rides are also popular. Its 80 euros (Php 5,040) in the daytime and (Php 7,560) in the evening. Its charged per gondola and you can share with 6 people max.

It would also be a remiss if you missed taking a trip down the Grand Canal to see the Rialto bridge and most of Venice. This is especially true if you have limited time in Venice. A trip back and forth the grand canal would take about 1 to 1.5 hours and its will show you the good architectures of houses along the canal as well as see the busy water traffic.

Overall I enjoyed this 12-day Dalmatia and Adriatic Riviera Tour by Enchanted Tours and Travel. We went to alot of places, saw beautiful cities, experienced their culture, tasted their local flavors, and generally had a good vacation. This is a trip I would recommend for anyone looking for road less traveled.

To enjoy more photos from my trip, please check out my flickr album.

This completes my documentary about this tour. I hope you enjoyed reading. Thanks!

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