New Camera Technology: Lytro– Shoot First, Focus Later

A new camera tecnology has been unveiled. Its going to be launched this year and its called “Lytro“. The buzz about this new tech is that it allows you to take pictures first then focus later–promising that you will never again take a bad picture because you can focus it later on. How this works is that it uses a new kind of sensor Lytro invented. It captures directional lighting and this is different from traditional camera technology where light is combined as one source.

In other words, its a lightweight and simple camera to use that is aimed for the masses. When you take pictures,  you just snap away and then afterwards, you and the people you share it to can just change its focus points however they please. See the sample photo above, in one picture, you can now choose after taking it whether you want to focus in front, back, side or on a particular subject.

The technology is still in the works and there are many questions yet unanswered. These should be addressed in due time but for the moment, its interesting.  I don’t feel it will be change the photography landscape that much. Good photographers know how to take good images that tell stories. Its not always about just taking a clear picture.

This however, should prove interesting for the masses especially if cost is not prohibitive. As I cannot embed Flash on this blog, the current samples for Lytro can only be viewed on Flash. Here is their photo gallery.

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