Chatime, the newest milktea place in Greenhills

I just found saw this new milktea place that opened up in Wilson St., Greenhills, San Juan. Its just one block away from Jose Abad Santos St. and is one block away from the famous Diao Eng Chay(DEC). The name is meant to be pronouced “cha-time” I believe as “cha” means tea in Chinese. Chatime is the #1 Milktea brand is Taiwan that started in 2008. Chatime in the Philippines has been brought over to us by Mike Koa, the brother of Johnlu Koa of The French Baker.

I’ve already heard about them before and when I saw the new store near me, I just had to try it. I ordered the Pearl Milk Tea with 30% sugar. I must say the drink is good. Its creamy and smooth in texture and very easy to drink. The pearls are soft and chewy in just the right size. I found my drink a bit bland but I think that’s my fault. I do not like very sweet drinks so I just made it 30% but I think I need to increase that a little more. The price is also fair at Php 90 for the large (16% cheaper than Serenitea’s Php 105 for large drinks).

The ambiance of the store is ok but not too posh. I hear that the Pioneer branch which is their flagship store is nicer.  I forgot to ask if their stores has free wifi and I hope they do. That has been my gripe with Serenitea for awhile now that if only they had WiFi would I be inspired to maybe hang-out more.

Anyhow, Chatime lets you choose your sweetness, toppings, and even the ice. You can go for less ice or more ice. They also have a buy-1, take-1 promo ongoing but not sure if you have to mention it because I went there within the promo hours of 12pm-2pm but didn’t get any since I only found out about the promo after I left and looked them up on the web. Chatime Philippines do not have their own website yet but you can find out more about it through their Taiwan site at

Just take a look at that cup of goodness above. Since this venture is backed up by the talents of the people behind French Baker, I am sure this milktea brand will have things going for it. Go have a try and see how it suits you.

Chatime Wilson Street Branch
207b Wilson St., San Juan


10 thoughts on “Chatime, the newest milktea place in Greenhills

  1. Nice info Sel. But try to be more cautious in drinking these products since most of its ingredients are from Taiwan. 🙂 I love them too but until all the DEHP contamination issues are gone then I think that’s the better to enjoy them 😀 Just a word of caution.

  2. there are a lot of milk tea store already in san juan area, one time when I passed by Abad santos San Juan, saw a new milk tea and tamayaki store (tea monkey)

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