Food Review: Meidolls Cafe


Thanks to the treat of a friend, I was able to experience what a maid cafe feels like. There is a little cafe in Rizal, Philippines that is quite unique. Its a cafe where all the waitresses are dressed like cute maids and they insistently call you “master”. They even “power-up” your food. (Find out if you visit).

The concept is from Japan and its a big hit for anime and cosplay fans. Its not something you will frequently look for but is nice to have an experience. The “maids” are all young, sweet looking girls dressed in French maid outfit that answers to your needs in the cutest way they can. The place just opened in Jan 2011 and its not a high budget place. The price is cheap but the food is nothing fancy and the ambiance of the cafe is a little run down. Then again, you are probably here just to try what a cosplay cafe/maid cafe is anyway so that’s alright.

As you can see from the menu(click image to enlarge), its your usual average Japanese items. Its funny though they offer paid games. You can pay Php 25 to play Rock-Paper-Scissors with your maid and if you win, you get a free dance. If you lose, you will have to drink something unpleasant(so they say, not sure if they will force you). An easier way is just to order the Banana Mango smoothie as its the secret drink that gives you a free dance. Hmm.. I guess its no longer a secret..

Just for amusement, here is a quick video of their sample dance. By the way, one of the maids(Rei) is the owner. Lastly, before anyone has any ideas, no they do not give out their numbers as apparently enough people tried hitting on them enough that they have a signage to say they do not give out their numbers.

So there you go, if you are ever in the area and in the mood to explore, might be worth checking them out. Its like a cosplay convention restaurant.

Meidolls Cafe
2nd floor of Saunterfield, Km.20 Ortigas Avenue Extension
Cainta, Rizal

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