Serenitea goes hi-tech! New Order Buzzers!

This post is overdue, I wanted to post this maybe 3 weeks ago but was so busy with work that I was not able to. So yea, went to Serenitea about 3 weeks back and got intrigued in their newest system for claiming your orders.

The system is linked to the cash register when you make your order. You get issued a disc that has a digital number. You bring this around with you and its wireless trigger will alert when its your order is ready for claiming. It will light up and buzz around. Pretty cool. Now if only they add WiFi to their stores…

One thought on “Serenitea goes hi-tech! New Order Buzzers!

  1. Hello,
    I would like to receive information about the product,
    And of the costs?
    I would like to know whether cooperation can be done in Israel?
    Thank you and good day


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