Food Review: Burritos & Tacos Mexican Kitchen

Sorry that life got a bit busy and I missed posting for almost a month. Here’s an overdue post on BT Mexican Kitchen or Burritos and Tacos Mexican Kitchen as the full name would have it. I apologize for the photos also in advance as I was using my iPhone 3GS with its not so good camera.

Anyhow, the place was packed as there was a party going on and someone reserved almost all the tables. The owners of this place were previously associated with Ristra’s (another Mexican restaurant in San Juan). BT Mexican Kitchen is located in Sekai Bldg., Ortigas Avenue (same building as Masuki). This is besides North Greenhills.

There was only 2 of us for a snack so we just ordered what was recommended by the owner. There were so many things on the menu but alas, we settled for an order of Taquitos(Php 300) and Chicken Wings(Php 335).

Of course their main dish is still the burrito and they have options of california, japanese or korean if you are feeling adventurous. They also serve Pizza and Burger as seen on the menu to the right.

They have the same way of ordering as you did in Ristras:

  1. Choose your kind of meal of burritos, tacos, quesadilla, chimichanga, etc.
  2. Choose your meat. (This is where price varies)
  3. Choose your sauces and sides.
Their pricing is expensive but the servings are generous so at least you will not go home hungry. A single order is good for 2 people for average eaters.
Our order of taquitos came and its wrapped in meat, lots of cheese and veggies. There is some mango glaze with tomato salsa. Its really quite good. An order comes with 5 pcs and while the owner was telling us if we wanted more to let her know, we were not sure if she was offering additions for free or will have to pay again. Either way, we didn’t because it was a snack only anyway so we were good.

The other food item we ordered is the Mango Glazed Habanero Wings. Its a basket of chicken wings glazed in mango sauce. An order is 8 small pieces so they are enough for 2 people. Its not very cheap though at Php 335 but the quality is indeed good. It did get me to thinking if this is more value for money or does the chicken wings at Charlie’s Grind and Grill is still the winner. We had them prepare half of the order spicy and the other half non-spicy. I kinda liked the non-spicy better as the mango glaze shines best there without the spiciness overpowering it.

Thanks for reading as always and keep checking my blog for more things I want to share.

Burritos & Tacos Mexican Kitchen

G/F Sekai Building
368 Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Philippines

Phone: (02) 9751850 / 0917-812-6218



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