Mitchelle’s Sweet Kiss is False Advertising

I bought a coupon for a pre-ordered cake from Mitchelle’s Sweet Kiss on a box of Angry Birds cupcakes. The advertised photo was great but what I got was so different. I checked my photo when I got home and was really disappointed. See image for your own judgement. I am so sorry to the recipient of this cake. Sorry.



22 thoughts on “Mitchelle’s Sweet Kiss is False Advertising

  1. this far better than the cake advertised in Facebook…
    on a serious note, this Mitchelle baker is pulling real talented homebakers’ integrity.

    There are many homebakers that create great artworks from cakes, putting effort to make their customers happy while keeping their integrity and building their names in the industry. Their works does not only satisfy the eyes but their cakes and baked goodies even more appealing to your tastebuds and definitely safe to eat — I just want to say, not all homebakers and cake decorators are like Mitchelle.

    Do not be fooled by photo grabbers, posers and fakes.
    Check out Filipina Homebakers Online

  2. hi, sad to say isa din ako sa naloko ng promo na ito . bwiset na bwiset ako nun bday ng baby ko,, grabe panget2 at super chaka ng cupcakes nila kahit 72 pcs pa un freebies bwisit talaga and i paid 3,200 kase pinaupgrade ko un cake baby ko, 2600 ata un orig promo nila,, strawberry shortcake kase ang theme, (well the cake kase dalawa un pinagpilian ko peg designs that i sent tru their email,, bad sila kase un pinili ko design hindi nasunod.. sila pumili ng design tama ba yun?? the day itself na kinuha ko na un cake sobra disappointed ako WTF talaga,, no point na iparefund pa at magpagawa ng cake sa iba,, kase kinabukasan na un party ) un cupcakes HINDI masarap.. chaka2 talaga ng hitsura ng toppers.. dapat gumpaste na nonedible pero un sa akin cutout sa papers tapos di pa maayos un pagkakacut out!!!!grr!! kaya nga hindi na ko uulit at hindi na din irerecomend sa iba mitchelle sweetkiss ,, tapos ayun nga mukha ka pulubi nagaantay sa may guardhouse tsaka lang lalabas un katulong o un mismo ang nagbabake hehehe para iabot un cake..

  3. sad to say i’m one of the victims din ng angry bird na cake! 2 ang binili ko! then 500 nga ang isa.kung nag goldilocks na lang ako,mas ok pa.imagine,ang liit at nipis sobra.the icing is not good then the decorations as well.. ung butter cake pa ang pinili ko nung una,super oily ng sponge cake!maganda lang sa pic but in actual .my hubby and me was so disappointed!

  4. — Satisfied customer! Professional talaga! 🙂 May facebook siya. Check niyo nalang po. Parang ayoko na tuloy kunin yung cake ko sa M.Cake na ‘yun. Dapat kasi, yung cake na ‘yun is para sa 7th birthday ng sister ko. Buti nalang tinamad ako kunin kasi malayo.. tiga-Cavite pa kasi ako, kung nagkataon madidismaya ang pamilya ko sa cake. Moving forward, maging mas vigilant nalang tayo. Lipana ang manloloko ngayon, kumita lang ng pera.

  5. beware….. you will not get your money’s worth. bumili na lang kayo sa actual cake shop… where you actually see what you are buying.. Effort nyo pa pumunta dun sa subdivision nila (Yes, subdivision yan.. feeling ko nga nagrereklamo na ung mga kapitbahay nila kasi daming pumapasok na outsiders sa area nila just to get the orders.. minsan di na papapasukin nung guard ung kotse mo kaya sa labas na lang magpark) tapos paghihintayin ka din(to think you already placed your order days before pa). and the cake itself is subpar. nothing special. (sa picture lang maganda)

  6. agree with those sentiments. buti na lang creative ako kaya to the last minute, na-save ko pa ang cake ni baby.

    mas magaling pa nga sa cake deco yung mga elementary student 🙂

  7. i was about to post my product on metrodeal..den i learned that they are on commission what u paid for online is not really the amount that the merchants get..usually for food or baked product like this..only 50% of what we paid for goes to the merchant and half of it goes to metrodeal so it means where only getting half of the amount worth kaya sobrang disappointed ang mga customer when they get their orders kse the merchant has to adjust the quality din para di sila malugi and kumita kht konti..but still it is not an excuse…i would rather get half of the size of what has been posted on metrodeal but tastewise it should be good or better yet not to post picture that makes people expect that they’re gonna get it but in reality they wont…

  8. Please don’t be like her, don’t be a liar and a cheater.

    This deal is a sure rip-off no matter how cheap it may be. I bought the red velvet cake at Metrodeal. I was very much attracted to the picture presented but the moment i arrived at the pick-up place, I knew that I would be incredibly disappointed at what I would receive. True enough, I was definitely disappointed and dissatisfied with what I saw. Don’t even make me start to describe the taste of the said cake. Even my dog, who loves eating our food, ignored the cake when handed down to him. He sniffed it and left it as it was when given to him. The supposed deal was I would get a GOURMET RED VELVET CAKE. AGAIN GOURMET. But this cake looked like a cake I could buy from a sari-sari store or the local bakery near my house. Actually, the cake sold their are actually much much better than what I received from the Mitchelle’s Sweet Kiss. Its sad and frustrating to know that there are people out there who post and send out false advertisements, just to earn money that they don’t even deserve to get. Shame on you, Mitchelle. Again, please don’t be like her, don’t be a liar and a cheater. There are many ways to earn money, the right way.

  9. waaaah am about to buy , lols . so sad i purchased massage fr nuat thai , bought 2 packages for 600 and i was surprised lastweek i was charj 1200 for 4 packages * MY FAULT I DIDNT CHECK MY ACCOUNT AGAD…. not bad bec it wil expire on july but the rough part is ITS SO HARD TO BOOK , GOD DARN IT. i called the landline and i was asked to call 0922 whatever * the fuck that u put ur landline there and told ur custo to call ur mobile.

    • Hi,

      My blog post was back in 2011 so its very possible they have either changed their name, phone number, and even address but while same Quezon City, the previous Mitchelle’s Sweet Kiss was in Casa Nueva, Mangga Rd, Quezon City.

  10. We can’t say for sure that it was sweet kiss’ prerogative to use the pictures of other bakers, it could also be the groupon site’s idea to just use whatever mouthwatering photo there is on the internet to attract buyers (because the mentioned shop can’t afford to provide any decent product photos at the very least) But anyhoo, research really pays off and saves you money. I almost clicked that “buy now” button because of the 6-layer raspberry cake that looks promising. Meh. Thanks for this post! 🙂

  11. good thing i have read this blog. I am about to purchase a metrodeal voucher of their candy crush cake. at least now i have reasons not to proceed.

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