Philippine Stock Market Starts the Year High

The Philippine Stock Market starts the year 2012 on a high note compared to what it had been the previous months. As of the start of trading day on January 20, 2012, 9:34am. The index is at 4,725.79

This is very good considering it has been hovering mostly in the 4,000-4,300 area for most of 2011. Its also good because this sets the investment tone and mood for 2012.

Morgan Stanley has also raised PLDT price expectations to Php3,600 because of their merger from DGTL. As with overall improvements in our index, expect the blue chips and index stocks to be the first to rise but look at the 2nd liners also as there are opportunities to be made there.

As this is the year of the Dragon. Here’s to hoping to a more prosperous 2012 for everyone! ¬†For people that had been wanting to try the stock market but never had, maybe now is the time.

As always, be careful and remember this is investing. Not gambling. Align your trading activities with that in mind.

One thought on “Philippine Stock Market Starts the Year High

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