Basag Kotse at KATIPS Bar and Grillery

It was August 27, 2012/9:30pm. My wife and I finished work late and stopped by Katips Bar and Grillery to have dinner before heading home. We parked our car in the front and main parking of Katips Bar and headed inside to order. It was one of those layered parking spaces so when the car in front of me was leaving, the guard asked me to move my car. Instead of moving back to the spot of the car in front of me, the guard told me move to a solo parking spot beside their signage. I did not think much of it at the time and did as instructed. This is a picture of their main parking area:

It was a simple dinner and we took probably around 30 minutes to eat and came out. When we got to our car, we were shocked to see that our rear driver side window had been smashed to pieces and both our bags were stolen. Coming from work, we had our laptops, iPad, cash and some documents stolen! I immediately confronted the guard and asked why he did not look after the vehicle. I told him it was him that told me where to park in the first place so I would expect him to guard it. There were two of them nonetheless, one security guard and one parking officer in barong. Their excuse was they did not notice or hear it. Maybe the thieves timed it when they were looking away they say. I mean really? WTF!? They feel that reason is a valid excuse? What is the use of having a security guard when they cannot do their jobs and just give us with a false sense of security. For the record, the security guard’s name was Henry Valenzuela from Provider Security.

When the matter was brought up to the manager on-duty (Roberto Napa), he said this event had happened before already but it was a long time ago he claims. Clearly the management of Katips knew this can happen and had hired a security guard because their location is not safe. Yet, their neglect in properly briefing and training their security does no help and is utterly useless. The owners and management of Katips refused to even talk to me when it was requested and they just let their poor manager on-duty take blame. All the poor guy could claim was “Sir, pasensya na empleyado lang din ako dito”. (sorry I am just an employee). So what is a customer to do? We ate at your establishment, entrusted our vehicle to your parking and your security, we became victims of basag-kotse and thievery, and we do not even get a response from management? This is how it seems Katips Bar and Grillery value their customers and how they look at their security setup. Irresponsible.

So friends, be careful of where you visit. Tell your friends and family to avoid Katips Bar and Grillery as thieves that had success there will surely be back. Share this so more people do not become victims as well. Be safe and here are some more pictures:

9 thoughts on “Basag Kotse at KATIPS Bar and Grillery

  1. Sel, did the car alarm sounds during the time the window was smashed? Sorry that these had happened to both of you. Do take care!

  2. in a land full of scnatchers,thiefs,holdups its ur fault.u should get kicked and slapped for beeing such stupid and leave all ur stuff in ur car for everybody to see.
    and it might be that the guard is involved too.

    • What a nice move to blame it on the victim! Did you even read the article? It was the guard himself that told him where to park so it’s just fair to assume that the guard would look after his vehicle. The guard should be held liable. And since the guard is employed by the management they should be liable too!

  3. everyone is a thiaf there demodracy is a farce in the penes its part of the culture to steel you canot own anything there they steel from each other and of course the gauard was involved probably the manager to

  4. Sorry it happened to you. Unfortunately, until a law is passed that will hold establishments liable for incidents that happen within their property (parking, dining area, etc.) victims have no case to build against the owners. Charge to experience na lang.

    • There have been thousands of news about this kind and people never seem to care and learn from them. Never leave your valuables in your car. Not even for a few minutes.

      Don’t get me wrong. I feel for the victims but you never should expect other people especially the ones you don’t know to look after your belongings.

      Lesson learned. I hope.

  5. please check one’s grammar and spelling before leaving a comment that’s hard to understand and doesn’t make sense at all.

    fault of the guard. establishment may reason that security is agency based, hence, no liability on the establishment.

    boycotting such establishments will make them see that security is an important come-on for customers to return, without it, heck, your just another bar / grill.

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