Purple Oven Review

It was my dad’s birthday and we visited Purple Oven to get him a cake. They make amazing pastry products and they are (or used to be) the supplier for Starbucks. Their main branch and kitchen is in Pasig City (they also have branches in Sta. Rosa and Sacred Heart, Makati). Its tucked away in the motel areas but its not hard to find.

See in the above photo their commitment to freshly baked goodness. The atmosphere of Purple Oven is a very homey and a welcome store environment.

The Revel Bars are really really good here. They are crunchy yet chewy. It can be a mess to eat them but you’ll love every bite. These also make great gifts in Christmas as they make special Christmas boxes and they are fairly priced. Alot of our friends that we gave this to were happy and asked us where we bought them from. This is easily my favourite item at Purple Oven.

We got our dad the pistachio cake and it is HUGE! It stands about 2~3 inches tall and it is recommended. The chiffon is moist & soft, the nuts generous, and the icing is tasty but not overpowering.

They also have other pastries like croissants, donuts, and quiches and turnovers. I have not tried them all yet but if they are like the other Purple Oven products, they should be good as well.

Doesn’t those ensaymadas make you want to take a bite? Fluffy and Cheesy. =)

Don’t forget the Apple Pie on your way out. This is best served hot for the aroma of fresh apple. Maybe even top it off with some ice cream for some¬†√† la mode.

Purple Oven
63 St. Peter Street, Pasig City
631-4221 / 910-1363 / 910-1364

Store Hours: Mon-Sun/8am to 7:30pm (but they sometimes extend a little)

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