Evouni Super Thin Wood Case

The Evouni Super Thin Wood Case is a work of beauty. Evouni is Japan based design and is highly regarded for its excellent craftsmanship and luxury products for iPhone, iPad and other high-end gadgets. Their designs are simple but always elegant. The quality of the products are well made too. Take this Super Thin Wood Case for example, its made from real wood to give it that naturalistic appeal but the case is strengthened with glass fiber for strength and durability.

This Super Thin Wood Case measures only a mere 0.6mm. It doesn’t get thinner than this. The expertise in the design and engineering is so good that something so simple, so elegant is extremely made well. It can however also be a drawback depending on your screen protector. Like in the photo above, the screen protector used is the SGP GlasT Tempered Glass, since the glass screen protector adds a little more thickness than film types, the screen protector’s edges are exposed with this case.

The Evouni Super Thin Wood Case is still available in 2 designs (Ebony Wood and Walnut Wood) at the Applewerkz store where this sample is provided for review.

The Walnut wood is nice for those that love a lighter shade and more simplistic while the Ebony Wood provides more natural wood grains and color variance. Both cases feature a simple Evouni brand on the side in subtle but distinguishing mark. On pricing, the Evouni Wood Cases are definitely not cheap at Php 2,590. However, this is a luxury brand and it shows.

Price: Php 2,590

Availability: Applewerkz Katipunan | 913-1696 | facebook.com/applwerkzqc | 225 Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge, Quezon City




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