Yoogane Philippines, A Korean Restaurant Review

Yoogane finally opened a branch here in Manila, Philippines. Yoogane is a Korean Restaurant famous in South Korea for its Dak Galbi. What is Dak Galbi you ask? “Dak galbi is a popular South Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in a gochujang (chili pepper paste) based sauce, and sliced cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions and tteok (rice cake) together on a hot plate”. -quoted from Yoogane Philippines Facebook.

Yoogane is located in Il Terrazo Mall in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. They are on the ground floor on what used to be 145 Farenheit. The place is very welcoming with its huge glass walls and very Korean with all its grill exhaust pipings.

As with most Korean places, they serve a fair amount of complimentary appetizers. Nothing too spectacular here but they are of decent quality.

Their tables fit groups of mostly 4-6 people so you may need to split up for larger groups as they cannnot really move tables with the exhaust pipings already in place.

The ambiance of the place is fairly fun and friendly but it can get smokey sometimes as the exhaust does not seem to work very well.

Now for the main course, it is really recommended you order their Galbi as that is what they are known for. Galbi are stir-fried rice mixes. The spicy ones are good. You can choose with beef, chicken, seafood or assorted meat. Add extra sidings of cheese, mushroom, asparagus, or noodles to suit to taste. I recommend getting the cheese and noodles as they are good.

For those that do not like stir-friend dishes, they do offer side orders like Beef Bulgogi, Chicken Fillet, Korean Seafood Pancakes but the choices are quite limited so its really suggested you go here for the Galbi as the other more common Korean dishes can be better had elsewhere.

The pricing is not cheap as expect to spend around Php 250-300 per person. The menu you see below is pricing on a per order basis. So say you are 4 people, you should order about 4 portions of Galbi and they mix your order together. If some are not big eaters, you can order good for 3 only and share it. You may opt also to add noodles to your order to increase portions.

So overall, I would recommend you to try out this place. Its worth the trip and worth the visit to try them. They have good success in Korea and now you do not have to go to Korea just to experience a Yoogane Galbi meal. See below some of my pics from a past visit to a Seoul, South Korea branch of Yoogane.

Yoogane Philippines
G/F Il Terrazo Mall, 305 Tomas Morato Avenue
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: 02-9662348 / 0917-5157960
FB: www.facebook.com/YooganePhilippines

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