Devil’s Attorney App Review

Devil’s Attorney is a new game released for the iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5’s new bigger screen. Its a quick pick-me-up game about our hero being a defender of the guilty. This is a humor game so your defendant’s are small-time crooks like scam artists, loan sharks, etc. There are no murder cases or the likes so its kid friendly.

Quick Summary: If you do not want to read further, this game is good but not great. Its quick fun that is very polished but lacks depth and content.

You get to choose cases that you want to take to court (you’ll want to take them all so it doesn’t matter much which you pick first) and when you win cases, you get money. There is bonus money for winning cases in fewer rounds. The trials in this game takes place as a turn-based battle. The trial system is Devil’s Attorney has nothing to do with logic and arguments. This was a semi-letdown for me but its still fun. Objective is to avoid getting your case strength (health) to zero or you lose the case. You do this by attacking (with abilities) to deal damage to witnesses and evidences’ health. Once they drop to zero, they are removed from the case. Remove all witnesses/evidences and you win.

To increase your flavor and replayability, the abilities that you have access to are broken into 3 skill trees. Materialism, Decadence, and Vanity. Buying stuff with your case winnings lets you climb the skill trees and unlock new abilities.

Lastly, you will have an apartment, car (later stages), that you can buy upgrades for. These upgrades will either let you climb the skill tree or give some benefit to your abilities.

Overall Verdict:

This game is ok but can certainly be improved. There is alot of witty dialogue and the voice acting is done nicely for flavor. It falls short on content being few and gameplay being shallow. However, sometimes you just need a quick game while waiting for an appointment or to pass the time in commute, then this fits the bill. Speaking of bill..

Price: $2.99 and can be bought in the iTunes App Store

Official Game Trailer:

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