Ferrari LEGO Toy Collection from Shell Philippines

Shell Philippines has a cool promo on-going right now until November 30, 2012. For every purchase of Php 1,500 worth of fuel, you can buy 1 of 6 Ferrari LEGO cars at Php 180. You get a discounted price of Php 140 if you loaded up on Shell V-Power fuel. Just show your receipt at the SELECT convenience store where they have samples on display.

There are 6 car models to choose from and a set of Ferrari Pit Crew LEGO as well.

So normally I do not avail of these offers but LEGO has a spot in my heart as its one of my favorite childhood toys. I believe they foster creative imagination and hey, they are fun. =)

I chose the Yellow Ferrari (Ferrari 458 Italia). So here are some photos of what’s in the pack and the assembly process.

There, I love it! I think I made the right choice. So what about you? Which Ferrari LEGO you think looks coolest? Leave a comment on what choice would you make.



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