iPod Touch 5 Review Philippines

I have had my iPod Touch 5 for about two weeks now and I think its time I give it a review. So for those that just wants a quick summary, this iPod has a stunning display as it uses the exact same screen as the iPhone 5. Go ahead and get this if this is your first iPod and go ahead and upgrade if you are coming from an iPod Touch 3rd gen and below. For those using the 4th gen, there are upgrades but it depends what you use it for so read the review then decide if you think the upgrade is worth it.

So the iPod Touch 5 I got is the blue color one. It comes in Black, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Red (special edition). They are all priced the same but you can only get the Red from Apple’s online store. All of their front are also in white except the black that they gave it a matching black front. This is the thinnest and lightest iPod touch ever made. Its a few ounces lighter and thinner than the iPhone 5. The earphone plug has been moved to the bottom and this also features the new lighting connector. The speakers remains at the bottom as well but sadly, they have not improved the sound quality of the speakers. They made up for it by including the new Apple Earpods but it seems they scrimped on it as the included earpods does not come with remote while the ones Apple retail separately comes with mic and remote.

So let’s talk about screen quality. This is absolutely gorgeous! Look at the text that is so crisp and sharp. Its a 4-inch screen with 640×1136 pixels. Its considered a retina display and it looks really great. The iPod Touch 5 comes with dual-core A5 chip (the one used in iPhone 4S) and also has upgraded wireless capabilities with dual-band Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0

I use my iPod Touch as an entertainment device so that is: movies, music, photos, and games. Looking at the video resolution above, its pretty awesome. I did try to push it by loading up a 2gb 720p HD video in VLC app and it didn’t play so well as the A5 chip could not handle it. I haven’t tried encoding it to H.264 format to see how that would go.

For games, especially those that has been developed to take advantage of the 4-inch screen, then this is again incredible. Graphics are sharp, colors are deep, and the A5 processor can handle games decently. The new iPod Touch 5 comes with iOS 6, supports SIRI and finally, it has good cameras. It now has a 5-megapixel camera at the back with sapphire glass protecting the lens and a 1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD camera on the front. This iPod can finally take good pictures and even 1080p video. It also has the new Panorama feature mode that Apple recently announced.

And lastly, the iPod Touch 5 has something Apple calls the “loop”. Its really a basic wristband. There is a poppable button on the back of the iPod Touch that when pressed, will pop-up for you to attach a provided strap to. The strap comes color matching to your iPod but I would not recommend using this. The iPod is still an expensive device and the loops seems thin and fragile. Not to mention its simply looped into the iPod and one bad swing and it might come right off. This is not a risk I want to take.

To help you decide better if the new iPod Touch 5 is for you, here is a list of the important upgrades on the new iPod:

  • New 4-inch retina display
  • Dual-core A5 chip
  • Dual-band WiFi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)
  • New lighting connector
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Thinner/Lighter with same or slightly longer battery life
  • New earpods bundled
  • New loops bundled

The iPod Touch 5 can be purchased in all stores of Digital Hub, iStudio, and A-Shop. The 32gb is selling for Php 16,490 and the 64gb is selling for Php 21,990. You can ask for zero-interest 6 months payment. If you plan to buy cash,   CMK Cellphones is selling them at Php 13,000 cash price for the 32GB and Php 17,500 cash price for the 64gb.

5 thoughts on “iPod Touch 5 Review Philippines

  1. You’re VLC is the obsolete one right? So the app has a size that is fitted for the old devices? I have that app too. Sadly, I can’t maximize my iPod if I’m gonna use it for movies. 😦

    • Yes, my VLC is the one removed from the appstore. It was a good app actually but had been removed due to license complaint issues so the new one is just a streaming app. It works fine for old devices like iPod Touch 4 and iPhone 3/4/4S. Its just no longer available on AppStore. Flex Player is the new one that also seems to be fine but crashes more often.

  2. I think there are many apps in the appstore that’s like VLC. I’ll try some other apps. By the way, do you have a case on you ipod? And where did you buy it? 🙂

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