Cyborg Glasses are Here: Google’s Project Glass

Google has done it! The cyborg vision we have seen in sci-fi movies will become a reality. Google has launched prototypes already of its new glasses and is currently doing testing and product development. Dubbed ‘Project Glass’, these babies will literally change how you look at the world and how it looks at you. TIME Magazine has already called this one of the best inventions of 2012. The era of sight like the Terminator’s is almost upon us.

The glasses currently have features in its design like:

  • camera to take photos and videos
  • phone for making calls and sending messages
  • music and media player
  • Internet connectivity
  • maps and geo location services
  • social networking
  • calendar, weather, time
  • search (it is a Google product)


The challenge in this design is how being connected all the time can make technology become very intrusive in our lives. All the notifications, alerts, just pops up in your vision. In this regard, Google has anticipated this and the final interface is expected to be elegant. The idea is that the glasses should help get technology out of the way. The ability to take pictures with you glasses, view navigation, issue voice messages, and all that without the need to take out a phone to do it should theoretically make it all simpler and more natural to use.

Google has positioned itself as an information company and if you consider that Google has most of the world’s search information indexed, then there is the maps, and even the fairly new indoor maps, then Google is right on its way to world domination. Some people will definitely be worried about privacy since these new glasses will definitely stream what are you seeing to Google.

Here’s a video to show you a preview:

and here is a video of it in practical home application.

Pretty cool huh? I can just imagine the military and gaming possibilities with this. Then the fashion people are going to go wild with designs on the kinds of glasses. So here’s to the future and hoping we all get to see and enjoy them in our lifetime. Go to this link if you want to be updated on project glass:

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