Happy New Year 2013! and 2012, A Year in Review

Happy New Year 2013!Happy New Year everyone! Its now 2013 and hopefully, we have spent 2012 well. Time is precious so do not lose sight of what is important for you. I am eager for 2013 and the new milestones we will all be trying to accomplish for it. So take the new years day to plan & prepare for the year ahead. Here’s a quick recap of year 2012 in no particular order:

1. Gangnam Style – Korea craze has hit the world over with this hit music video from Psy. Most popular video on YouTube as of this writing.

2. Amalayer – this showcase of a story of real life bullying and cyber bullying. “Amalayar” came from what it sounds like during her berating to the guard “I’m a liar?”. Was she a bully in real life? Yes. Was she a victim of online bullying after? Yes.

photo courtesy of purlp.com

photo courtesy of purlp.com

3. Typhoon Habagat – After Ondoy, Metro Manila was hit badly by floods again this August 2012. Shows that the city still needs much work to avoid such disasters.

photo from Vel's website

photo from Vel’s website

4. Typhoon Pablo – we really are a country beset by typhoons. Dec 2012 saw the hit of Typhoon Pablo over southern Mindanao claiming over 1,000 lives. Our fellow men and women in the US suffered a tragedy as well with Hurricane Sandy.

photo by rappler.com

photo by rappler.com

5. Congress passes RH bill. After much debate, congress passes the RH bill. This is a bill that has been in discussion for over 8 years in our congress. “There is no force more powerful than an idea whose time has come and that idea today is the RH bill,” Sen. Miriam Santiago said.

photo by solarnews.ph

photo by solarnews.ph

6. Pacman goes down. Manny Pacquiao lost to Juan Marquez on the 4th time they went at it. A brutal right hand by Marquez on perfect timing sends Pacquiao cold to the floor. He Philippine champion accepted the loss with grace.

photo by Al Bello

photo by Al Bello

7. Cybercrime Law. The Philippine government in a rush to make cybercrime a reality passed a vaguely written and freedom hampering law. It was promptly suspended by the Supreme Court not long after. Its in effect again as of this writing as the 120 days TRO has passed. Watch what you say online boys! They are gonna come for you.

No to Cybercrime Law

8. Sotto Copy Center. Nuff said. Google it if you don’t remember. I might be arrested under the cybercrime law.

Sotto Copy Center9. Dolphy Dies. King of Philippine Comedy passed away. He is loved by everyone and is truly a national artist.

Dolphy Dead10. Felix makes super sonic 128K feet freefall from space. Oh yea, Red Bull energy drink has its own space program.

felix baumgartner space jump

To end this post, here’s Google’s own year in review for the world over.

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