SPIGEN Linear Metal Crystal Review for iPhone 5

SPIGEN Linear Metal Crystal SPIGEN SGP as a brand is very well-known for making quality products that is for the mid-range market. Its not overtly cheap but its not extravagantly expensive either. The brand makes products when you want to get good quality products without spending too much.

The SPIGEN Linear Metal Crystal for iPhone 5 is surprisingly thin when fitted than what it appears to be from the packaging. Its placed in a sturdy hard shell packaging and you see from the on-set that it includes an extra lower frame in champagne gold color.

Linear Metal Crystal PackagingINCLUSIONS:
The Linear Metal Crystal Case consists of 3 parts: The upper frame, the lower frame, and the crystal back cover. Do not let the name mislead you, SPIGEN is upfront that this is a polycarbonate case with a metal finish so its not really made from metal. The upside to this is the case is light and the metal finish gives it a smooth feel to it.

Linear Metal Crystal partsAs seen in photo above, each case comes with an extra champagne gold lower frame for you to mix it up. You can interchange the lower frame so you can either have it all single color case or a dual-tone case. A generous touch as this used to be sold separately in their iPhone 4/4S version of the product.

This iPhone 5 case looks really neat. Its really form+function. The frame is slightly elevated in the front so when you place your phone face down, its the case that will connect with the surface and not your phone’s screen. Its snap-on and the installation is easy to do without scratching your phone.

Linear Metal Crystal for iPhone 5The cut-outs for the ports are also perfect so giving this case maximum protection while giving full access to the ports. I do feel however that the lightning connector port seems a bit too exact. This will have no problem using the original Apple cable but depends on what docks they come out with in the future, you may have issues here on that.

Linear Metal Crystal PortsThe earphone port also has a slight extra space to allow L-shaped earphone plugs like the ones used in Jays and some Beats earphones/headphones.

The camera port cutout is also large enough for the camera, flash, and enough space beside to not have any issues while using with the flash. This part has less protection but its necessarily so. The iPhone 5’s sapphire lens glass should do its job of protection here anyway.

Linear Metal Crystal Camera PortSGP Linear Metal Crystal Satin SilverThe case will work with all SPIGEN SGP Screen Protectors except the Body Wrap which is like the whole body wraps similar to Wrapsol and Invisible Shields. Those tend to be a bit thick and can cause incompatibility.

Overall, this a good case. Its simple, functional and gives good value. For the price of Php 1,890, you get a case, an extra lower frame, an Ultra Crystal screen protector, and some jelly home buttons. Considering what you get alot for what you pay for, SPIGEN SGP delivers. They produce several color options but I find that the Satin Silver goes well with white iPhones and the Metal Slate color goes well with black iPhones.

This is available locally at:

225 Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge, Quezon City (besides Banapple 1, opposite Kopi Roti)
Phone: 913-1696
Store Hours: 11am to 8pm (Mon-Sat) | 1pm to 6pm (Sun)


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