Kanin Club Restaurant Review: A place to enjoy Filipino dishes with rice

Kanin Club Techno Hub“Kanin” a.k.a. “rice” Club is a Filipino restaurant where the enjoyment of Filipino cuisine is best paired with rice. We went to their Techno Hub branch in Quezon City and the place is quite packed on a Sunday evening when families usually get together. Their ambiance on the inside is classic Filipino. It has a colonial times feel to it. The tables are placed tight to maximize seating so do not expect the comfort of space.

Kanin Club InteriorAs a place that has rice(kanin) in their name, they live up to expectations by serving a good variety of rice options. They have plain, garlic, and brown rice as basic. The plain rice can also be upgraded to rice-all-you-can (no sharing). For the more flavorful, you have chorizo, tinapa, sinangag na sinigang, bagood, daing, and aligue rice. All are flavors of traditional Filipino dining.

Kanin Club riceWe ordered first up a classic favorite of my family, BISTEK PINOY which is beef sirloin strips quick-fried in soy sauce and onion rings. The sauce of this dish is perfect to put on rice.

Bistek Pinoy - Php 187

Next we tried their PAD THAI as its a favorite too but on this one, they didn’t do so well. Its bland and lacks in flavor. Well, to be fair, we did order a Thai dish in a Filipino restaurant so its probably to be expected. Then again, why offer this in the first place as it does look out of place in their menu.

Pad Thai - Php 276

Next up we also tried out their LAING which is a traditional Filipino dish of taro leaves, slowly simmered in freshly squeezed coconut milk, and flavored with pork, dried fish, ginger and finger chili. This one they prepared flavorful and goes really well with a steaming bowl of white rice.

Kanin Club LaingOverall, I would recommend this place for a comfortable and enjoyable meal with friends and family. The food is not bad and the options are enough to make you come back a few times. Its pricing is relatively fair about Php250-Php300 per dish that serves 2-3 people. Its not cheap but its not too expensive either.

There one shortcoming of Kanin Club though is that their wooden chairs tend to have nails sticking out. So check your seat first to save yourself from some unpleasant experience or having your pants torn by the nails.

Kanin Club has five (5) branches: Sta Rosa Laguna, Westgate Alabang, UP Technohub Quezon City, Ayala Triange Gardens Makati, and Greenfield City Mandaluyong.  The one we went to is in UP Technohub.

UP Ayalaland Technohub, Quezon City
Tel: 332-5978
Store Hours: 7am to 11pm (Mon-Sun)
Accepts Cash and Credit Card

One thought on “Kanin Club Restaurant Review: A place to enjoy Filipino dishes with rice

  1. I agree, this is a nice place to eat specially with friends. My first two visits in their branch near crossing with my officemates were awesome. But the third visit with my family is gruesome. The staff insisted that we occupy the table upstairs but we do not like the spot. Daanan sya ng tao at nakakailang na habang kumakain ka dinadaan daanan ka ng mga tao. I dont understand why they do not want us to occupy other tables inside, bawal daw kasi kailangan punuin yung nasa labas na daanan ng tao. yun daw ang policy. and to my dismay, nakasimangot pa lahat ng staf na kausap, parang pinilit lang sila magtrabaho dun kahit ayaw nila. so we transferred to other resto beside kanin club. i really hope management could somthing about that bad experience. dinayo pa naman namin yon from Antipolo. Nakakdismaya talaga

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