Cookoo Watch PhilippinesCookoo Watch is now available in the Philippines! In an age where everyone is on the smartphone, the watch seems to be the next tech device where innovations will be. Apple themselves has been rumored to be starting development on a watch themselves using flexible glass technology. But that is a product that is 2-3 years out since they are just starting. In the meantime, the market offers four (4) note-worthy options.

  1. Cookoo Watch
  2. Pebble Watch
  3. Mute Watch
  4. Sony SmartWatch

Amongst the 4, Sony SmartWatch is not even worth reviewing for me as Gizmodo has even claimed it to be “maybe the worst thing Sony has ever made“. I’ll do a quick comparison of the cookoo, pebble and mute watch at the end of the review. This review is made possible by friends from Cookoo Philippines who have provided demo and time with the watch without imposition on the outcome of this review.

Cookoo Watch WhiteSo the watch itself looks very cool and shows a large face with minimalistic design. Its an analog clock with digital notification icons that comes into display when an alert comes. Its about the size of your average G-Shock. The watch looks good enough to wear as part of any smart casual attire. It has four (4) push buttons for various smartwatch functions and one dial to set the time for the analog clock.

Long battery life and no charging needed
One of the features and a big plus going for the Cookoo is its battery. It features a removable standard CR2302 button-cell battery that can be replaced at any watch shop wit no special tools. There are two (2) batteries actually, one for the digital notifications and one for the analog watch. This is great news because most other smart watches needs constant recharging. In a day with so many devices needed charging attention, we will be glad to not bother with it. The battery on the cookoo is said to be able to run for 1-YEAR before needing replacement.

Cookoo Watch Back Battery CoverMaterials and Build Quality
The Cookoo Watch is made with plastic casing, aluminium bezel, anti-scratch mineral glass with soft silicon band. This means the watch is lightweight, durable, and great for everyday use. The display itself uses an LCD to display notifications and a Japanese analog movement for keeping time.

Cookoo Watch White PhilippinesThe watch is not very thin but not too thick either. It measures 16.3mm which is smaller than some G-Shocks actually but typically very near the same size.

Cookoo Watch ThicknessFeatures and Functions
So what does this watch really do apart from telling time? The features according to Cookoo Watch is:

  • Incoming calls
  • Missed calls
  • Facebook messages and posts
  • Calendar reminders
  • Your device is out of range
  • Low battery on iPhone or iPad
  • Alarm and Timer alert
  • Remote Camera Shutter Trigger
  • Music Player Control – play, pause, & skip your music
  • Pin drop on current location

SMS and incoming email alerts will also be available at the end of Feb 2013. The Cookoo Watch now supports iOS devices but will be Android ready by March 2013. There will be no need to update any software on the watch itself. The updates will come in the way of app updates on your mobile phones.

Cookoo Watch Features ListThe Cookoo App is now available for FREE on the App Store. You will need this to setup the Cookoo Watch. All the settings and features that the watch can do is managed here. The company is fairly new while features and controls are a bit limited now, they promise to keep updating and extending the functionality via updates on the app. If they do keep their promise, then this should be great. They have also mentioned they are releasing an API for third party developers who might make cool and interesting stuff as well.

Cookoo AppWaterproof and Shockproof
One more nice thing about this is its waterproof and shockproof. It can stand taking a shower with you, washing your hands, and an occasional dip in the pool. Its rated at 5ATM which means its water tested to 50 meters (165 feet): suitable for showering or swimming in shallow water.

Cookoo Watch Under WaterCookoo Watch Waterproof

The Cookoo Watch Price (SRP) in the Philippines is Php 6,500. This is reasonable pricing for a watch that is well built, and holds more features than your average timepiece. This becomes more attractive when you consider that the most other G-Shocks come at the same price point or higher. When you consider that the mute watch is being sold in the Philippines with an SRP of Php 12,950 and with so much less features, then the cookoo watch is seems like a very good choice.

Cookoo Watch Review PhilippinesColors and Packaging
The cookoo watch has 5 standard color options: Black, Silver/Black, White, Pink, and Blue. There is a limited edition Black/Green but that is more expensive at Php 9,500 and is limited to 1000pcs worldwide and 10 only in the Philippines. The packaging comes in hard translucent plastic that is attractive when giving as gifts. The box looks like a bird house that can be actually used as a real bird house by removing all labels and stickers.

Cookoo Watch Box PackagingCookoo VS Pebble VS MuteWatch
This is a matter of preference actually but I would recommend either the Cookoo or the Pebble.

Mutewatch thoughts:
The mutewatch seems too much at 12,950 for only clock, alarm, timer functions. Basic stuff any other watches can do. Its attractiveness is what it has going for it with a nice simple wristband with a high contrast digital LED display. Still, the lack of features and its non-changeable battery are major downsides as it means when the battery eventually degrades and dies, so does the watch. The battery life only lasts 4-5 days so constant charging is needed. Woe on you for wearing a watch out to only realize its not charged.

Pebble thoughts:
The Pebble is a serious contender with the Cookoo. Its arguable which one is better and here I think its a matter of taste and priorities. The Pebble’s downside is the battery again also non-changeable and lasts a week they say but reviewers had been reporting less and actual battery time of about 2 days. Its pricing is also a tad bit more expensive. Its price at $150 without shipping, taxes, customs, etc. (at that rate, it will be probably around Php 8,000-Php 10,000).

The Pebble wins out though in the display using revolutionary e-paper and e-ink as the ones they used in Kindles. It can display time more creatively using words and can show messages and name of callers right there on the screen. It features downloadable watch faces and has an SDK also for other developers.

Cookoo thoughts:
So while I have elaborated Cookoo watch features in this post, the questions is whether its worth it? I personally think its worth it given the price difference to the mutewatch and the Pebble. The Pebble does give a strong consideration but it really depends. If you want a cool looking minimalist watch and consider the notifications as extra features, then the Cookoo watch is the one to get. If battery life is important to you, then cookoo is the one to get. Consider the Pebble as a viable option if you do not care much about the price, battery life and is after the e-paper display.

WARNING: The current state of the cookoo watches has customer complaints on connectivity issues, battery drain, and lack of Android support. Many of these issues are noted by Cookoo Watch already and they promise to have an update soon within the month to fix these things. They are all software related and is not an issue on the watch hardware.

Cookoo Watch is available in the Philippines. You can find it in Applewerkz QC. Tel: 913-1696
You can also add up Cookoo Philippine’s Facebook Page to get updated on news and for customer support concerns.

Here’s a parting video for you to check out on the cookoo watch. Thanks for reading!

20 thoughts on “COOKOO WATCH Review

    • No it doesn’t. The screen displays an icon to alert you but not the actual messages. Email and SMS updates alert are committed but not yet available. They say it will be in a future update of their software app. The watch is ready for it.

  1. At the moment no but they have made an announcement that this will support Android phones in the near future via an application update to the Google Play Store.

  2. It doesn’t need to be charged? Is it really true? I hope it is true as it will be the best feature for any smart watch. Well, thanks for sharing information about it. Smartwatches are really going to heat up.

    • Yes it doesn’t need to be charged as it runs on normal watch batteries. Once they run out in a year or two, just replace them at any normal watch shop or even by yourself. They also launched a software update just this week so good news on better and easier connectivity.

    • Cookoo Watch has mentioned Android app availability not yet because it used Bluetooth 4 LE (low energy) and Google hasn’t released an API for that yet. Other smartwatches that has Android doesn’t seem to have the Bluetooth low energy so that’s why they work.

  3. got my cookoo yesteday but cant receive email/text alert, only incoming calls i did try so many set up base on website. do you have any idea on how to set up this features? thank you in advance.

  4. Hello.. Im planning to buy this watch tomorrow. I really really hoped they would support blackberry 10 devices too.. Coz i cant seem to find any cookoo app ob the bb world…

    • Hi Ricky, sorry I do not have the Z1 and cannot check. You may be best suited to check with the company either on their website or social media accounts. I do feel that they should have made better efforts to publish a device compatibility list for the convenience of customers.

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