Causeway Seafood Restaurant Philippines Review

causeway seafood congressionalCauseway Seafood Restaurant has been around for quite some time now. They have four (4) branches in Metro Manila: Congressional, Banawe, Timog, and Libis. I will come out and warn you right now, the Congressional and Libis branches are better than the Timog and Banawe branches. I will not recommend going to Timog and Banawe but Congressional and Libis are good places. The quality of the food is better in those 2 branches as well as the service.

In this review, I documented one of my trips to the Congressional Branch this year, this is just beside Cherry Supermarket. The staff here is friendly but they are often shorthanded. The place is usually full so its sometimes hard to blame the staff if they forget your request for water, calamansi or whatever. The management should look into adding a few more people hopefully.

Causeway Seafood RestaurantSo Causeway is a Chinese seafood restaurant in the casual dining category level. Its a great place when your craving for some dim-sum, sweet & sour pork, yang chow fried rice and other simple fares. Its not a place for holding lauriat parties or any date places. Its a comfort place where you go for the food and not theĀ ambiance.

The prices are fairly priced that their dim-sums are around the Php 50-70 pesos while their hot dishes are in the Php 220-280 range in general. They are typically large enough for a group of 3 people. The have a dim-sum cart that goes around but they do have more items in the menu they can steam for you upon order.

Dim Sum Cart Causeway SeafoodDim Sum Sharks Fin, Pork Spare Ribs, Beancurd RollFor the main hot courses, while they do provide a good variety, the basics are reliable. Their serving of Yang Chow Fried Rice is quite generous and is good for 4 people even on a small order. We also ordered their Sweet and Sour Pork and as you can see in the picture, its looks very good to eat. (It is actually good to eat too)

Sweet and Sour PorkTheir salt and pepper squid is not bad too. Crunchy and chewy at the same time.

Salt and Pepper SquidSo while Causeway provides decent food at reasonable value, its not a place to go out of your way for. But, if you are in the area of either the Congressional or Libis branch and craving for Chinese, then this is a place I’d suggest.

70 Congressional Ave., Bahay Toro, Quezon City (besides Cherry Supermarket)
(+632) 927-8112
Menu c/o Munchpunch


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