Draco Elegance 5 Aluminum Bumper Case Review

Draco Elegance 5 Case ReviewDRACOdesign is a very popular case maker and they are known for their aluminum bumper cases. They had a decent product in the Draco IV but had some issues on signal as its whole aluminum bumper case conflicts with the iPhone 4/4S design since the phone’sĀ antennaeĀ are also on the side. This is no longer an issue with the iPhone 5 as the new phone’s design is different. You will be happy to know that the Draco V and Draco Elegance lineup does not suffer from this issue as far as I can tell from my use.

This review covers the Draco Elegance 5 which is a special edition case from your standard Draco 5. The main difference is that the Draco Elegance puts a touch of Gold or Silver front bezel. The shape of the Draco 5 Elegance is also different that it is more curvy and easier to grip and hold in the hand.

Draco Elegance 5This case is extremely thin and light. Its very strong and can protect your phone from drops and bumps but it doesn’t add bulk. There is a small allowance on the bumper so that when you lay your phone on the table, its the bumper that is touching the table and not the phone. This case will support the SGP Glas.T screen protectors properly.

The buttons on the sides are easy to press as the case has designed protection for them and has button extensions that makes it feel like the buttons are directly on the iPhone.

Draco Elegance 5 Gold BlackDespite the gold or silver bezel (this review uses the Gold/Black), this does not look like its made just for women at all. Its very good looking and makes for a very executive looking case for men. This is an all aluminum case and the matte finish on the back part of the case makes it very smooth to hold. Its like the smooth but still grippy at the same time because of the way the curves are done to fit easily in your hand.

Draco iPhone 5 CaseThe ports are very well protected as well but without hindering accessibility. The earphone port I have tested this to use the L-shaped plugs of Beats and a-Jays earphones and they work well. Even Griffin aux audio cables for cars have been tested to work fine with the size of Draco Elegance’s openings.

Draco Elegance 5 Openings and Cut-outsOverall, I like this case and when paired with an awesome looking wallpaper to match it, this setup looks really sweet. It comes in 6 variants: Gold/Black, Gold/Blue, Gold/Red, Silver/Black, Silver/Blue, and Silver/Red. Its only con is that this is not a cheap case. Its Php 4,890 and being sold at Applewerkz but hey, you get what you pay for. This is a good case to consider for those wanting to be a little different but shying from heftier Element Case products like the Sector 5 that goes around for Php 6,890 and up.

On the signal issue, confirm from the photo below I was able to get full bar with Globe. Please note though that Globe’s service currently sucks with their network issues and so the signal really fluctuates at no fault of the case.

Draco 5

This is available locally at:

225 Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge, Quezon City (besides Banapple 1, opposite Kopi Roti)
Phone: 913-1696
Store Hours: 11am to 8pm (Mon-Sat) | 1pm to 6pm (Sun)

4 thoughts on “Draco Elegance 5 Aluminum Bumper Case Review

  1. Hi Joel,

    Applewerkz Katipunan still has stocks of Draco cases for Galaxy Note 2. There are 3 color choices: Thunder Gray, Thunder Blue and Thunder Red.

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