Starr Milkshakes in Katipunan Review

Starr Strawberry MilkshakeJust noticed a place in Katipunan, Quezon City that is a milkshake bar. We don’t see much of those around here so we decided to give it a try out of curiosity. The place is very small and it was crowded when we went by. Its located not along Katipunan Ave itself but in E. Abad St. which is the side street from McDonald’s along Katipunan (opposite Ateneo).

Starr Milkshake BarStarr Famous ShakesThe staff is friendly and the choices are straightforward. They serve regular milkshakes at Php 80 and VIP milkshakes at Php 95. The difference is in the special flavors and toppings that make the VIP milkshakes higher priced. They also offer milkshake variants using yogurt for those that are lactose intolerant. You can also request for a smoothie instead of a thick milkshake for lower sugar and lower fat. Still, this is not a healthy drink. These drinks are high in calories and should not be indulged in often for the health conscious.

Starr Milkshake MenuThey also serve a few things to eat. Here’s a menu of Starr Milkshake Bar’s snack items. They serve mini corn dogs, fish and chips, some german franks, fries and chicken sandwiches.

Starr Famous Milkshakes MenuTheir milkshakes is good. I tried the strawberry milkshake and its thick and yummy. Truly if you like milkshakes, then this place is worth checking out. Its tasty and not too sweet. The flavors are plenty and they innovate often to have new variants every now and then.

Starr Famous MilkshakesTheir ice cream is their own creation as they import ingredients from a manufacturer abroad and make their own. You can see their ice cream maker machine just behind the ordering counter.

Starr Katipunan Ice Cream Maker

Starr Milkshake Bar KatipunanThe hot snacks are very simple and while not bad, its nothing exemplary either. Its great to order a few as finger food to complement the milkshakes. A decent combo for an afternoon snack in this scorching summer.

Starr Fish and ChipsStarr Chicken Sandwich

Starr Famous Shakes Milkshake Bar
Address: 48 E. Abad St. cor. Rosa Xavier, Katipunan, Quezon City
Tel: 666-5808

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