Vikings SM North Edsa The Block Review

Vikings SM North Edsa

Vikings. For many, this is the race of Norsemen that are fierce warriors and brave seafarers from the North. For some Filipinos, its the place where one can indulge of culinary feasts that is so bountiful as one can desire. Vikings is an established buffet restaurant promising to let every “Juan” experience luxury buffet dining.

Vikings Buffet SM North

This review covers their branch in SM North Edsa – The Block. The space is very spacious, however, on some days, there will be lines so come early if you want to get seats quick. Their lunch starts at 11am and dinner seating starts at 5:30pm. The decorations and ambiance of the place is well planned. There are couches and tables that seats comfortably and bright chandeliers to give the place a sense of class.

Vikings Buffet Restaurant

The food table consists of long spread of buffet tables. There are cuisines in Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Filipino, American and European. The dishes are well-varied and the menu changes every 4 days.

Vikings Buffet Roasting

Vikings Dimsum Choices

I would say that with so many dishes, its really hard to go for seconds on any favorites as you will probably be full already from just sampling a few of each. The dimsums and sushi choices themselves are already many. You can also request from the sushi chefs for any temaki cones you may like.

Vikings Sushis and Makis

On the quality of the food, I must sadly report that they disappoint. They are not particularly great. The taste, ingredients and preparation seems to fall short of other more reputable places like Spiral, Circles, or Heat. Granted those are well-known hotels and Vikings has a much lower price, it certainly feels like you get what you paid for. Still, for the Vikings buffet price of 1,088++ on weekends, I’d much rather go for Sambokojin in Eastwood for Php 599. Its comparable to Buffet 101 actually but the service on Buffet 101 is lacking so that’s one place I’m not going back again on.

For Vikings, you must try the Angus Rib Eye. Its not bad and request for a 1/3 inch cut and have it cooked to your preference. The meltic striploin while not bad is not as good as the Rib Eye.

Vikings Rib Eye

There is a Yakitori station as well so try out a few sticks as well since these can be expensive is some ala carte places.

Vikings Buffet Yakitori

The drinks bar is generous with juices, soft drinks, watermelon shake, milo shake, and beers. The beers though seem to be in limited supply and will only be served to adults of course.

Vikings Buffet Drinks Bar

The dessert station features Taho, Ice Cream, Pastries, and Fruits. Overall a decent sweets option though you may already be quite full at this point.

Vikings Buffet DessertsFresh Fruits

So overall, if you are looking for a place to try out as many dishes as you can, Vikings can be a good destination. If you are looking for good quality food though, this is not the place to be.

4th Level, The Block, SM City North EDSA
North Avenue corner EDSA
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: (+63 2) 376-3888, (+63 2) 376-4888, (+63 2) 376-5888

11 thoughts on “Vikings SM North Edsa The Block Review

  1. Vikings is the worse …my wife was food poisoned by their seafood section….the culrit the oyster rockefeller. I can tolerate that the food was not great with a rather high price but please this is the only”luxury” restaurant that almost killed my wife… its bettr to eat kwek kwek or fishball mas safe pa. We visited the place November 25, 2013 as soon as we went to the food section there is an ominous sign literally…if you would notice their feast from the sea section has a warning sign that almost gives you a thought of eat at your own risk. When we tried the oysters it was really horrible i didnt finoish a single oyster because it did not taste right…however my poor wife ate her fourth oyster and immidiately she tasted the rotten, metallic pungent taste of decay she was able to regurgitate some but swallowed most of it. On that same afternoon she had Symptoms of food poisoning, diarrhea, abdominal cramps/pain, high fever explosive vomiting…she was dehydrated and weak on thre third day so we decided to go to Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center to be admitted. To make matters worst my wife was so dehydrated that she has to undergo a cut down an a catheter to be inserted in her jugular jus to get an IV line, I look on with pity all of this because of eating at Vikings. I also was surprised to learn from my fellow doctors that this was not an isolated case….a lot have bouts of diarrhea and vomiting from eating Vikings seafood. To my friends and family pls take heed I wont recommend this place for your own safety please do not try to eat here. Right now we are still at the hospital and my wife still has high fever this situation has brought us undue distress…..the managemnet has talked to us and made arrangements for the bills and asked politely if we could remove our post our answer is no…as doctors we have the obligation to inform the public of the dangers in eating in such places like Vikings.

    • Thanks for sharing that Joel. Hope your wife recovers well. Good job to you for keeping your integrity to let the public know about poor standards of some restaurants from your own experience.

  2. After dining out at sm north edsa, i never slept the whole night for unknown reason and vomitted bowls and bowls of undigested foods after drinking half of my coffee the following morning. I’m also and suffering from diarrhea till today. Three days has already passed and my stomach has’t recovered yet and so afraid to eat too much for now (an instant unexpected diet after the christmas and new year feasts, eh?) and doing some cleansing by eating fresh fruits and light soups. If i won’t recover till friday, i guess i also need to see the doctor. I don’t know if the cause of my sickness was due to fast eating as we arrived at vikings an hour before their closing time. My husband still wants to try it again coz he is a beer sucker. After i recover, we’ll surely go there again and that will be the time i will assess if indeed my sickness was just the cause of my excessive eating. If otherwise, then this buffet restaurant SHALL BE BANNED IN MY LIST FOREVER…

  3. Although my mom already knows the risks of eating the oyster rockefeller as she already read your reviews about Vikings, she got curious and ate 4 of it last night. Now she is suffering from diarrhea. I was laughing because she even warned us not to eat a single oyster or two and now she suffers from her own warning. She is getting better now. Anyway, the food was great. Just don’t attempt to taste the oyster rockefeller. We’ll be going back again next week!

  4. 03/23/14

    Damn you Vikings you guys have a great looking restaurant But serve poisonous food. I too ate the oyster along with my wife and her dad. We all got sick the next day with the most painful stomach cramps I ever in my life felt. I thought I was gonna die. I am not exadurating it. I’ve had surgery done to me before and the pain was damn near comparible. What was worst i am here for vacation from the United States and was waisted 3 days from recovery. I don’t understand how your company can survive serving this poisionous food. You don’t believe me I’ll post my medical bill on your website!!! Just to prove a statement. It will show the receipt of us eating at your restaurant with the date and the next at the Emargency room!!!! My advice to all don’t go here poisionous sea food!!!

  5. My son had dinner with his cousins,my sister,brother and parents at Vikings in Sm the block. He had just one oyster and 4 mussels in the seafood section. on the following day, he had diarrhea. he took some loperamide hoping it will go away. the next day, his diarrhea got worst, making trips to the toilet 4-5 times more and with vomitting this time. i brought him to the clinic, then had his stool, blood and urine tested. from the results it was found out that he was food poisoned..he had to be admitted in one of the hospitals in our area because of dehydration. he was experiencing numbness in his arms and his breathing becomes different due to vomitting and diarrhea.. up to this writing my son is still in the hospital. he is on his 3rd bottle of dextrose, had 2 of those multidex vial,(dextrose with vitamins, thats what the nurse said to me)
    i think Vikings should be aware of how they cook their oysters. with numerous cases of food poisoning pointed at them.

    • *** He had dinner on the 10th March, diarrhea on the next day,( 11th march).vomitting & diarrhea plus dehydration on th 12th March. admitted in the hospital that same day (12th March)

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