Opulens Stress-Free Prescription Lens Review

Opulens Stress Free LensThere is a new brand of high quality prescription lens in the Philippines and I was excited to try it out. The brand is “Opulens” and its a re-branded label from world-famous Shamirlens Thailand. Shamirlens Thailand is a global company with worldwide offices, labs, and research centers. It has been making quality lenses since 1972 and is known for its quality optics.┬áIn the Philippines, Shamirlens is being distributed by BLi (Branded Lifestyle Inc), under its local brand, Opulens.

Opulens Stress Free Prescription LensOpulens Stress-Free Life Improvement Lens
Opulens carry a wide range of lenses that is developed with specific benefits in mind. This particular lens used in the review is the Opulens Stress-Free Life Improvement Lens. This lens is marketed as a relaxed, strain-free vision that can reduce eyestrain and fatigue. Its ideal for near to mid-range vision tasks like office, school, going to the mall, reading books, mobile phones, computers and tablets. Overall, its great for general everyday use.

How it Works
Its quite simple really. Opulens Stress-Free has 0.65[D] ADD power on the lower part of the lens. The added power is strong enough helps relieve eyestrain but not too much to cause disorientation and still gives clear vision. The lens can supposedly reduce up to 30% lens accommodation by users and that in term gives better relaxed use. This is very ideal for someone who reads, uses the computer, mobile phone, and tablets frequently.

Opulens Stress Free and Shamir Relax Prescription Lens

The standard disclaimer is that it may take a week of getting used to and you will notice a slight difference in the lower part of the lens. However, in my personal use of about 2 weeks now, I am loving it. I got accustomed on the get-go and I am not sure if its because the lens of if its the superb skill of my doctor who helped fitted the lens perfectly (he’s with Eye Society– an upcoming class act optical shop/eye center, but that is another story).

The process of getting this fitted correctly may be important. So its best to choose a frame first, adjust the frame to your head’s shape on how you would wear it, and have it measured. They can measure the where the center of your eye will be and adjust the best focus part of the lens based on that correctly.

So far, I have been using the lens for 2 weeks now. I use it as a all-day everyday eye-wear. My typical day is driving to the office, attending meetings, and working on computers. As a tech person, I use my mobile phone and tablet a lot too. On weekends, I have tested the lens with general walking around the mall, catching a movie, and doing photography work. I have to say I love it. I have less headaches, and even on extended use with the computer, my eyes don’t feel as strained as I used to at the end of the day. Its a very clear and high quality lens.

Opulens Clarity

Opulens by Branded Lifestyle Inc.

Its lightweight, UV coated, and durable. There are options if you want this in glass or polycarbonate. The retail price for the Opulens Stress-Free is Php 4,990 and can currently be purchased at Vision Express branches and Eye Society stores. They currently don’t have a website yet so you can’t search for much information but in the meantime, you can contact their head office for inquiries. Look for Alexis Lizares as she’s very helpful assisting with product inquiries and how to buy.

Branded Lifestyle Inc. (Opulens)
Add: 2270 Mirax Building, Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
Tel: +63(2) 816-7777 / +63(2) 818-5819


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