Luna J Filipino Gastropub Review, Quezon City

Luna JSo if your family is like mine, we like to get together in a restaurant with comfort food and a reasonable price. Luna J is one such find. They are located at Il Terrazo, Quezon City. Its not a big place but quaint enough to be comfortable. They have both indoor and outdoor dining areas.

LunaJ-2It is a Filipino Gastropub so by that, they serve Filipino dishes and alcoholic drinks. They have from your standard beers to cocktails. The place is nice enough for a family get-together or a casual date.

LunaJ-4Their menu is pretty simple but presents adequate choices. Most dishes are good for 2-3 people and the prices are fair. You’d find your group using the word ‘masarap’ when evaluating the dishes.

LunaJ-3So let us take a look at some dishes we ordered shall we? First off we have the Tokwa’t Baboy. Crispy Tokwa and Baboy with a flavorful mix of sauces and spices.

LunaJ-5Next the Gising Gising is also nice. Green beans chopped up with ground pork in coconut milk. A touch of spiciness to add a little kick.

LunaJ-7Avoid the Adobo though. We did not like this one. The sauce is too thick and is not the good traditional Adobo you’d want to order extra rice for.LunaJ-8

Ah, the Crispy Pata. A Filipino favorite. This is a dish that is well made by Luna J. Please ask for chopped onions and calamansi though to mix your own dipping sauce as they just served it with plain soy sauce by default. The pork knuckles are crunchy but not overly toasted. A recommended dish.

LunaJ-9We ordered Palitao for desert. A traditional Filipino desert but again done well. Just chewy enough and sprinkled with generous amount of coconut, sugar, and cheese. Yes the cheese adds a new twist that goes well.


Luna J Filipino Gastropub
Address: UG/F Il Terrazo, 305 Tomas Morato Ave, Bgy South Triangle, Quezon City
Telephone: 373-4668
Store Hours: 11am to 12am



2 thoughts on “Luna J Filipino Gastropub Review, Quezon City

  1. We went there earlier and we were very disappointed that the merienda we intend to order were not available. We ended up settling for the food that’s not our initial choice. The palitaw took forever to be served; this would be my first and last time to eat there. Here are the merienda that are on the menu but not available, palabk, goto, buko pandan, pichi-pichi, crepe, turon. I would not recommend this restaurant.

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