Selwyn has been in the technology industry for ten years.  He is the CEO and co-founder of web development and technical support company, i4 Asia Incorporated.  The company has been providing value to customers by lowering their IT-related costs while increasing business output and productivity. Specific business offerings include: website development, custom application development, managed hosting, desktop and server support, and networking support. The company’s web development portfolio can be found at www.i4creative.net

He is also currently one of the Board of Directors for Red Cross Makati. His service at Red Cross is part of his social contributions and volunteerism efforts. He helps Red Cross in various ways but most notably on technology related matters. Selwyn is also a child sponsor and supporter of World Vision Philippines.

When work is done, Selwyn likes to spend time with his wife, watch movies, play computer games, hang out with friends, and working out at the gym. He has also most recently acquired a new interest with photography. Whether he is any good at it or not, you can be the judge. Check out his flickr account.


Selwyn is based in Manila, Philippines.

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